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Space 1999 Environments in Virtual Reality


Hi Everyone, I've been experimenting with the coloured wall panels in the virtual Moonbase alpha set. It's not an exact match but I think I got pretty close to the spirit of the physical set from the 1970s :)

I had to refactor the 3D model to make it easy to choose between the different coloured wall panel options. From what I could tell, the TV show featured a host of colours ranging from White to Orange to peach to Green to Red and even Blue but in the end I went with White, Orange, & Green which I think covers most of the episodes that we see in season one.

Interestingly, the coloured panels don't seem to appear until the latter half of season one and when they do, the light panels in the top half of Main Mission are always turned off. In my model I didn't turn off those upper wall panels but I did make them white, even when the lower panels were coloured differently. It seems to me that the TV show got away with this approach because they always supplemented each shot with strategically placed spotlights which is a cheat that can not work with the global approach to lighting that Virtual Reality requires.

All in all though, I think the effect of the coloured wall panels is striking and lends a nice amount of visual interest to the set.

Here are a few test renders that feature the three different illuminated wall panel colours:

Cheers for now :)


On the theme of coloured wall panels, I’ve gone ahead and added two more options giving a total of five coloured panels to choose from (White, Red, Peach, Orange, & Green).

I’ve updated the 360° panoramas of Main Mission and Commander Koenig’s office which you can see in the following links. As usual, on a PC you can click and drag on the image to look around or if you are on your mobile phone you can either use your finger or the built in motion sensors to look around the panorama.

Main Mission 01 - White Wall Panels

Main Mission 02 - White Wall Panels

Main Mission 03 - White Wall Panels

Main Mission 04 - White Wall Panels

Commander Koenig’s Office 01 - Orange Wall Panels

Commander Koenig’s Office 02 - Green Wall Panels

Commander Koenig’s Office 03 - Peach Wall Panels

Commander Koenig’s Office 04 - Red Wall Panels


Hi everyone, I’ve updated a few more of the 360° panoramas. This time it is of the Corridor set with the White, Green, Peach, and Orange illuminated wall panels:

Travel Tube 01 - White Wall Panels

Corridors 01 - Green Wall Panels

Corridors 02 - Peach Wall Panels

Corridors 03 - Orange Wall Panels


Hello everyone, I’ve updated my Space 1999 VR project to include the props and coloured wall panels that I previewed here in the past. On top of that, I made an exciting new addition in the form of the yellow Moon Buggy. I spent a lot of time cross referencing as much source material as I could find and came up with what you see here. There were quite a few variants and plenty of room for interpretation but the whole ordeal has left me feeling quite pleased with the final outcome :)

As usual, you can download the VR project from:

You can see the latest YouTube walkthrough here:

You can see a 360° panorama featuring the Moon Buggy here:

And here are some 3D renders showing the Moon Buggy sitting on the launchpad in it's natural environment…



P.S. I noticed that the Banana Splits used the same buggy and I even spotted it in an episode of the 1970s Wonder Woman :cool:


The Moon Buggy or it’s real world equivalent, the Amphicat, had an overall size of 2060mm long by 1350mm wide. For the miniature sets, the Moon Buggy was constructed at various scales to suit the shooting requirements but I don’t think they got it quite right. So for instance, here you see a scale model of the Moon Buggy sitting on the Launchpad miniature but to replicate the same proportions in my matching 3D render, I had to scale up the Moon Buggy model by 1.7 times…


Of course there is some variation in the estimated real world size of the Eagle Transporter but here are some 3D renders of the Eagle and Buggy sitting next to each other at the correct relative scale...






In the 3D renders above, I placed the Eagles on a grey and white grid which looks ok but there isn't much contrast and the white Eagles get a little lost in the image. So here I rendered the Eagles on a green cutting mat texture which makes them "POP" so much more :)




A YouTube commenter pointed out that the coloured Illuminated wall panel images should have the upper floor and ceiling illuminated panels turned off. I can't really do that for my real-time VR project because of the way that I bake the lighting but I can do it here in these offline 3D renderings. I think with this more subdued lighting the environments feel much more cosy. As with the VR project, the red illumination doesn't feel quire right but I've included the images here because they are done and you might as well see them for comparison :)





In the grand scheme of things these are relatively minor additions but the one thing that was missing from my Travel Tube model was the luggage. Well with some help from a fellow fan of the finer details I was able to model the complete set and I think it makes all the difference. Here is the usual ‘before and after’ perspective matched 3D render …


Well I’m slowly filling out the menagerie of cases that were used on the show. The latest one is what I’m calling the Clamshell, it’s the one with the numbers “6” & “58” stuck on the front of it. For various reasons, this one has the least accurate overall proportions and fine detail but the labels are pretty spot on. Never say never but I think I’m done with cases for now :)



Well I’m a bit late for Breakaway day but here are some Medical & Radiation scanners that I’ve added to my prop collection. You can see the white scanner in the first few minutes of the pilot episode and the orange ones pop up in various episodes after that. From what I can tell, there were three orange variants but I only modelled two of them here. The third one seemed to have two spools of curly wire mounted to the front of it but I couldn’t find good photo reference of that version so I left it out for now :)



Hello everyone, I’ve posted another update to my Space 1999 VR project and this time it includes the interior set of the Eagle Passenger Pod as it appeared in the early episodes of Season 1. I think I’ve managed to establish some pretty good baseline dimensions and the whole thing came together really well. :cool:

If you’ve got the hardware, you can download the VR project from:

For those of you without a VR headset, you can see the latest YouTube walkthrough here:

And then to whet your appetite, here are some 3D renders of what you can expect from the experience:




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The recent release of the ‘Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual’ is pretty exciting for fans of the TV show. The cutaway illustration style really caught my eye and since I had already modelled some of the 3D geometry, I thought I would have a go at a similar approach to illustrating the interior spaces of Moonbase Alpha.

Here you can see my reproduction of Main Mission as it is shown on page 28 of the Technical Manual…


And then from page 31, here is my version of Commander Koenig’s office...


It’s such a kick to see so much fan made content exploding all over the place :)


And here are a few more cutaway renderings. This one of Commander Koenig's office is looking in the opposite direction to the one above...


Here is the Corridor looking quite sparse compared to the other sets. I thought cutting the Comms Post in half was the best approach for showing the Video Booths behind...


The Travel Tube used to be connected to one end of the corridor but now I've got it connected to the Airlock and Eagle Passenger Pod...


Cutting up the Eagle Passenger Pod wasn't straight forward and I'm still not happy with how I've done it but it will have to do for now...



I know I’m flooding this post with renderings but here are some more. This time it is a bunch of perspective matched images relating to the Passenger Pod. The 3D renders are on the left and the TV screen captures on the right...