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Space 1999 Memorial

A beautiful tribute to the people that helped make the show so special…nicely done, thought some of you would like it as well.


Jorge :)
Thanks for that Eagletransporter - and good to see names attached to familiar on-screen faces, and faces to off-screen names.
Air Terrainean, I absolutely agree with you. As we all know there are dozens of SP99 vids available, but very few (if any) that makes a tribute to some of the series' less known actors.

Cricket…I totally share your feeling and actually that was the reason why I’ve decided to post this video here.

Thank you both for your comments!

Jorge :)
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Grande Jorge! Belo memorial :)

A big applause to all those (more or less) known actors :clap: :clap: :clap:

Obrigado Jorge. :thumbup:
Thanks Helge and Luciano! I took the liberty of sending a personal message to the video creator (“cinnamonnut”) to let him know about our appreciation for his work. :)



I loved watching that. Thank you for putting that together. It's pretty overwhelming to see how many familiar faces have left us. Your video is an excellent tribute to them! :clap: