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Space 1999 season 1 music


I've just received this as a present from the missus and was looking forward to listening to it immensley. But I'm shocked to see that there is no music from Dragon's Domain. Not even that eerie hum sound that preceeded Cellini entering the probe ship (it was also on Mission of The Darians,Ring Around The Moon & One Moment of Humanity) I'd have thought it would've been on there considering that Darian's music is. Does anyone know anything about this or where the sounds can be obtained (apart from the DVD of course)


well, the main music for that episode was 'Adagio in G Minor' by Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1751) , arranged by Allain Lombard.
The piece was reconstructed for Strings and Organ, in the late 1940s by Remo Giazott,i from a 6-bar fragment of music by Albinoni


I think Johnnybear is talking about that strange 'drama sound' heard in
some season 1 episodes like when Koenig lands on Triton in RATM,
or when Cellini releases the CM from the eagle and grabs an axe
before entering the Ultra probe in DD. It was also in MOFTD
when Morrow and Carter tried to save Helena.

I don't remember if that sound or music was present in any season 2
episodes, like One moment of humanity.

It sounds like something going backward on playback.

I own several Space 1999 soundtracks and unfortunately
it is not present on any.



Cheers chaps,that's the sound! So wish it was on the blasted CD as I love that creepy noise in the show. It was in three first season episodes and only graced our ears once in the second in One Moment of Humanity...

PS.Thanks again,only wish it was available somewhere:clap: