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Space:1999 season two and the start of something good

To be fair I find either series very patchy in terms of drama. The visuals are awesome but the acting in season 2 is SHOCKING!

Season 1 is definately the best, my personal favs (i.e the ones I don't just fast forward to the VFX parts) are all from season 1.
Breakaway, Another time another place, Guardian of Piri, the Last Sunset, the Last enemy, Dragons Domain, Voyagers return, then I'm struggling.

On a visual level most work episodes work well, but the level of writing doesn't come close to matching these.
By a few episodes into season 2. It's clear that even the actors are just going through the motions and taking the money.

Season 2 just looks so cheap in comparison to season 1.

Sorry guys, Brian Johnson and his team produced a gem of visual excellence.
But it terms of drama a real entertainment it's clear to me that this series is mostly viewed through then 10 & 11 yr olds Rose coloured specs.

But then again I liked terminator Genysis; so what do I know?


"To be fair I find either series very patchy in terms of drama. The visuals are awesome but the acting in season 2 is SHOCKING!"

Not sure what you mean by SHOCKING.

But I've been watching season two again. I always assumed Maya was added as eye candy and a gimmick. But Catherine Schells acting in really good and very underrated.
Next to her performance in Season 1's Guardian of Piri.
Her performance as Maya makes Hugh Grants acting seem like pure genius!

Again what do I know- I loved Prometheus!


Back in the day ITC or any other producer weren't interested in the characters from the last series that didn't return! They were only going to produce 24 more episodes and put all their focus on the main actors in it then! We've been lucky to have fans write our missing characters an exit story over the years to be honest!