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Space 1999 - The Video Game


I made the first comment on the game website (and my second post here). There used to be an Eagle flight simulator or another website that could be downloaded. I used to have the download, but a virus wiped it. It was not a bad flight sim and I used to enjoy tinkering with it.

As for voice input, if you need someone that can swear like a sailor, keep me in mind!:rant:



I'm having trouble modeling the head (command module) of the eagle :oops: - can someone help me out? But I need it pretty LOWPOLY!

Thx in advance.



I managed to find an early draft of my eagle CM, from before I went to sub-div surfaces (OK, I've just lost 90% of those reading this.... sub-what which??) and luckily it's just what's needed. As a rule, I don't share models - far too many hours go into their construction - but this was a good cause and since I have a background in video games, I thought I'd help out.


Looks like I'm a little late for this parade, but let me toss in a few things I'd find fun:

1) Back in the early gamers days, there was a game called Lunar Lander that required you to put your craft down safely on the lunar surface - too fast, and you crash, too slow and you run out of fuel and crash as well; it would be fun to try to land an Eagle properly on a pad. Maybe a mini game or flight training, doing take-offs and landings. Also fun - crashed eagles disable pads for a period of time, limiting ships in the air. Take that idea and expand it to include travel tube damage and decompression areas to isolate Alpha areas. No access to medical; healing suffers.

2) Using cutscenes, ala Final Fantasy, you could take an Eagle off the moon and go on planetary missions. Take off, set course, exit the cockpit, talk to the characters in the pod, arm up, and there's your transition to the new location.

3) Again with the physics engine, you could really recreate the nuclear explosion that sent alpha on its way - fifteen minute time limit to draw out and spread the waste containers, and you could actually save Alpha. An interesting easter egg.

3) Skirmish mode, allowing you to use Alpha defenses and as well as ships in a strategic manner: in other words, option to play in cockpit or strategize in Main Mission to control and coordinate entire squadrons.

4) Semi-mystical as the whole 1999 storyline was. why not incorporate it? Maybe the breakaway of Alpha was not accidental. There's your story arc.


Hi folks,

I'm new in this forum but not new to the topic alpha at all. I just bought me the full series special limited DVD set and got was caught by it's own kind of spirit just like 25 years ago. :brows:

In relation to that a wish in me grew up creating a video game with the topic Space 1999. Well I'm quite familiar with programing and creating games so it shouldn't be just fiction. :think:

Would you also appreciate a game for 1999 and which kind of game should that be - first person, isometric style, 3rd person, adventure, simulation, etc.?
Please tell me your ideas and wishes to such a game.



Awesome! Can't wait to play!!

Ham Salad

Would you also appreciate a game for 1999 and which kind of game should that be - first person, isometric style, 3rd person, adventure, simulation, etc.?
Please tell me your ideas and wishes to such a game.



First person role playing game/ shooter ala FALLOUT.

Also, I'd also like to see a theme park created by Disney called ' Andersonland'.


Just curious. Has anyone here ever heard of Terrabuilder Moon for FS 2004 (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004)?. It changes over the graphics (Earth) into an Moon surface w/ lander + bases (there's an download for the Apollo LRV). There's another dwnload (free) of the Rescue Eagle to explore the lunar surface. Yes, the Moon is smaller that the Earth but its fun non the less. Have to config. the file of the Eagle a tad so as to launch & land like an helicopter, so to speak VTOL. Never tried using an yoke-use an stick/throttle set up w/ it.

Then there's Eagle3D. Of course this is Apollo Missions only. Steam is also working on an space sim (historical) as well incl. Mercury, Gemini & Apollo.

Another fun sim is Space Shuttle Simulator (an stand alone) "game".

The other 3 mentioned are of course historical sims as opposed to Terrabuilder Moon but all are single player sims. FS 04 & SSMS are old sims but work in Win 10.

Not pusbhing an product, just maybe something to consider if looking into space and moon sims.