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Space:1999 - towards a Blu-ray edition


Awesome bit of research! I've wondered what book he had, and this is pretty neat to be able to see details like that. Wasn't the book inscribed (on the inside front cover or title page) with a handwritten note? Or am I adding that detail in my own mind?
(a few minutes later)
Ah, that note is the 'library stamp' referred to earlier... it looks to me more like a handwritten message, but the clarity is poor on my Region 1 A&E dvd. Is it actually a stamp, or hand written?

I'll try to do a screenshot for you tonight, it won't be an HD one
because a still don't have a BR player on my PC.

It's a blue hardcovered book, the author's name and book's title are
written on the side, silver on blue.

Once the cover is flipped, it reveals the blue ink stamp on the first white page, and i think i was stamped twice, which makes it very hard to read but
at least the company name on the first line has big and clear letters.

The text below it is unreadable, and as Shadokp pointed out, there a 'X'
lead pencil mark in the middle of that page.

The book is always in motion, you need to do pause on an exact frame
to be able to read the details. Damn Zoref, he was nervous :(


Ah, double stamped! That explains why on my Region 1 dvd copy it looks more like a handwritten inscription. I wonder if it's any more clear on my old Laser Disc copy, but it's CLV format instead of CAV, so I can't pause.

For those of you unfamiliar with LD, that's right, there were two formats. CAV allowed for still-stepping, or single frame pausing, but took more discs to store the information. CLV was more compressed, so required fewer discs/side changes, but did not allow for still-stepping.

Still, LD was far superior to video tapein in picture and audio quality, as well as longevity (assuming there were no manufacturing defects, of course).


CAV allowed for still-stepping, or single frame pausing, but took more discs to store the information. CLV was more compressed, so required fewer discs/side changes, but did not allow for still-stepping

I've never owned a laser disk player but I'm completely versed in the technologies of constant linear and constant angular volocities. I'd expect after pausing the video, the consecutive frames would be read from the buffer. The disk capacities on both systems normally remain the same so I don't understand why you mention CLV is more compressed? CAV was brought in for computers to improve access times - no more waiting for the motor to adjust the rotation speed while the laser moved to different parts of the disk.
Not doubting your knowledge, I just don't understand the technicalities of the restrictions you mentioned. Educate me.


Ah, perhaps a refresher is in order for myself... I've long forgotten the technical side of Laser Disc, and was going from memory mashed with current dvd knowledge, so my use of the term 'compression' may actually be an error. I was thinking of 'compression' in a physical--rather than digital--sense of taking up less space, as CAV sets tended to have a movie spread out over two (or more) laser discs, including side changes, roughly 30 minutes of material per side. (Yes, you'd flip the disc over like an old vinyl LP record, unless your player could read both sides.) Usually, a CLV disc would fit a movie on one disc with a side change, about an hour of material per side. I recall the original Star Wars trilogy (parts IV through VI) took up around 12 discs in CAV format, and weighed quite a bit.
Still, for its inconvenience and expense, LD was great, assuming the source material was pristine. Clear picture, crisp audio... fantastic, really. Even some modern dvds made on the cheap aren't as good.

One drawback, though, was an effect called 'aliasing,' during which the digital compression (if I recall correctly!) caused some things going at diagonals across the screen to have a 'stair-step' look to them. As an example, think of a bad JPEG photo online, where the rigging of a ship looks 'pixilated,' instead of making a smooth long line from mast to deck. Cheaply made books since the 1990's often have this problem with their printed books, if their images were from poorly made digital files. Not so bad if you're just reading a general book, but gets frustrating if you're reading something, say, about WWII destroyers and you're looking for historical reference photos to build replica models.
I recall that early ST: TNG episodes had aliasing issues on the Enterprise-D's saucer, just to give another example of what the effect looks like.
Anyway, this is still all from memory. Your mention of the laser reading different parts of the disc, and the speed adjustment of the motor to allow that, has dusted off a few (but not enough) cobwebs. Talk about using technology without fully understanding it! An old friend that was much more versed in it had introduced it to me, and I've forgotten most of what he told me. I really should go back through some old magazines I've got to refresh myself before attempting to educate anyone here. I guess a quick hop over to Wikipedia might be a good start, too.

Now, to kind of get back to the thread, as far as Laser Disc was ahead of tapes, BluRay is ahead of DVD.
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If you know where to look, you'll find screenshots for the book spine and the stamp in the catacombs. I did it last weekend, it's just the episode page isn't updated yet (I read the author's name as "Do---" but it isn't clear). Great minds think alike.:thumbup:

Has anybody spotted that Eva Zoref's commlock is used by THREE other Alphans in that episode? Or the piece of brown carpet on the medical centre floor...


Has anybody spotted that Eva Zoref's commlock is used by THREE other Alphans in that episode? Or the piece of brown carpet on the medical centre floor...

Oh ! speaking of brown carpet, I think it's in this episode also,
i noticed a brown-rust carpet in Main Mission, when they try to locate Zoref,
look where Bergman is standing, next to Carter.
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Cool, I didn't notice that one- and it's obvious and ugly when you see it.
At least they could have used a grey carpet.
On the other hand, it took us 35 years to notice.

Here's the shot:


I have just received mine from Network and was pleasantly surprised to recieve a limited edition, number 0345. I thought these would have sold out by now; I'm glad I held off.
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Just had my Blu-ray set delivered from Network today as well, numbered 0297, I too am well pleased to have waited and only paid £29.99 for the set.

I cannot complain about delivery times either as I only ordered the set last Friday afternoon. :D


Let's all scan our covers and start a thread showing them off...

If we all scan and size to 800 pixels wide - and don't forget to 'descreen' the scan in the settings, they will all be fairly comparable.

Here's mine...


  • Scan172.jpg
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I just got my blu-ray drive working today after finally installing Windows 7, and I was eager to pop the first disc in and see how these episodes look. I have read many great reviews, but I've also been very concerned about some issues, especially the blue line on the far right of the screen. I haven't yet watched a full episode, hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend, but I did scan around a bit, and I took a screenshot. It is large so I uploaded it to imageshack. Viewing it in firefox seems to cut off the blue line on the right for me, so save and view it in an image viewer full screen to see it properly.

Bottom line: the blue line indeed exists and I am very disappointed to discover that. It can clearly be seen throughout the episode on the far edge of the screen. I think it is inexcusable how that was allowed to happen. To some it may not be a big deal, but I find it quite distracting. I have never heard of that happening on any other blu-ray, so why this set? Since my monitor's aspect ratio is 16:10, I can zoom the image to fill the screen, while preserving the aspect ratio and not cutting anything off. But on a 16:9 tv, I will not be able to do that.

Also, you will notice on the screenshot that the pillarbox bars have a lot of video noise. This exists throughout the episode, and presumably, all the episodes. Large amounts of pixellation, and lots of very fine lines come and go on the pillarbox bars throughout the episode. Instead of nice solid black bars, you see lots of strange lines that move around.

I don't know what to think of this set at this point. On the one hand, the image does appear very sharp, and the color is fantastic overall. It really does look pretty spectacular. On the other hand, the blue line and the noise on the pillarboxes are completely unacceptable, and very disappointing. I also noticed some contrast issues during space shots, where you tend to see light "bleeding" from the sides of the 4:3 image, sometimes appearing very bluish and distracting. The deep blacks look great except when you have this "bleeding" of light which kind of ruins the shot.

So there's my initial impression. Overall very nice transfers marred by totally unnecessary authoring issues. I am guessing that maybe it's the compression they used which introduced artifacts in the solid black pillarbox bars, but that's just a guess. I know I should be very happy to finally have this series looking so fantastic, but the issues definitely take away from the enjoyment a bit.

By the way, I have the A&E set, not that it matters I guess. They're both from Network.
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I have only seen Breakaway so far on a 42inch LCD screen and a Phillips Blu ray and I was looking out for the blue line that a lot of people have seen but I could not see anything,just a great picture.May have to watch more and see if its there but for now all I can say its even better than the fine Network dvd release.Of course I thought it would be better but its even better than what I thought it would be,if you see what I mean.
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Perhaps I am blind as the proverbial bat, but I do not see any blue lines on my set. Perhaps someone could post a screen capture to point out the concern?


Good idea, i would like to see how it looks like also,
so far i have nothing negative to say about the Blu-Ray

The optical visual effects are more obvious, but it's part of the game.