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Space:1999 - towards a Blu-ray edition


I have posted a screen capture - click on the link I posted above in my comments. It is a 2mb screenshot taken with vlc in full 1080p, which clearly shows both the blue line on the far right and also the strange lines in the black bars on both sides. You will have to save the image I posted and open in full screen in your favorite viewing program to see the farthest right edge where the blue line can be seen - firefox seems to cut a few pixels off when viewing it in the browser for me, so I can't see the blue line if I just click the link above. However, If I open the image up in Windows Photo Viewer and view as a slideshow, it appears exactly as I see it when playing the blu-ray, including the blue line.
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Ah, thank you. Well, I can now say it isn't present on my set, or at the least, not how I am seeing it on my set-up. I can understand how upsetting this could be to a videophile, but I'm okay with it. I suppose I'm still at the 'I can't believe I can watch my fav show anytime I want in high-def' stage. :)

(Too many years spent wishing I could see reruns at my beck and call~~ and yes, I realize I am showing my advancing age with that comment!)


I just had a look at that pic in Paint Shop Pro and i couldn't see anything amiss, no blue line and the black bars look soild. This was at 1:1, so i magnified the pic and at about 4:1 i could just begin to see a blue line at the extreme right of the image: At 16:1 (maximum) i can see the blue line, which is infact a series of blue lines, about 4 or 5, each one getting fainter as you move inwards, each line about 1 pixel wide, with a 1 pixel spacing.

Screen grab here at 16:1

I've not tried my blu-rays on my set up yet (Sony BDP-S570 & Samsung 37" LCD) but maybe different TV sizes and differing blu-ray players give different results as to whether the blue line is visible or not ...
I just watched Breakaway again and all the episodes on disc one last night, again I cannot see anything wrong.Maybe Dorzac is right and only certain combinations of TV and blu-players produce this effect.


The blue line is only visible on certain episodes and possibly only certain scenes. It's on Force Of Life, for instance. I only see it on the computer, and not on the TV. As it's on the right most edge of the black border, it's not obvious.

I don't think I would have noticed it unless I was looking for it, and it's easy to forget when you're watching the episode.


Well, i just watched Breakaway and was very impressed with the sharpness and quality of the picture. I saw no blue line on the far right of the image (at the extremity of the right hand black bar) but there was a few instances of a hazy blue strip down the right hand edge of the picture (at the edge of the actual picture before the black bar) during opening credits, most noticable at the end of the opening credits in the shot of the moon moving away - the blue strip actually bends inwards at the bottom. Some of the space scenes had a few hazy blue areas on the edges of the picture too, but only on odd occasions. Didnt put me off though. Generally, the quality of the picture was awesome for the age of the material.


Not sure if this is the same blue lines or not that you are seeing on the DVD but I just watched the HD War Games I downloaded that aired a couple years ago and there was a blue stripe down that screen as well. Very faint but definitely visible.


Let's all scan our covers and start a thread showing them off...

I have 0675.

My media center is a Windows 7 PC with an LG BD-ROM drive hooked up to a Sony VPL-VW50 1080p projector. I watch everything on a 10' screen (120" :twisted:) and I do not see the blue line that some have reported.

I live in the USA but I sprang for the Network product because the packaging is so much better. The tapering Space:1999 logo is so much a part of the series that there was no doubt which version to get. :yes:



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Jade Falcon

Okay, I haven't posted here in a while due to personal health circumstances, but I noticed the comments about the Blu-Ray, and I did eventually give in to the cheap Network price.

I can see the blue hazy line occasionally that Dorzac was talking about, it seems to be more prevalent in bits of Breakaway, though I've only watched Breakaway, Matter of Life and Death and about three-quarters of Black Sun so far. Practically no picture problems in the latter two.

I must admit, one shot that really struck me was the unloading scene in Breakaway near the beginning where the atomic waste is being conveyed by a conveyer belt to a pit. For the first time I could see individual waste canister in the red-lit pit and in the section over it. However, I had never watched the DVD's I had when I had my hi-def LG tv, so maybe I would have seen it then...

The major disadvantage of the set is of course that some of the cheaper effect show up like the mountains behind Alpha when Breakaway is happening, but we all probably suspected this sort of thing would happen.

My cover was number 0403 from Network, I didn't think I would get a limited edition one, though to be honest, I think its the worst of the ones I've seen. It's practically a duplicate of EddieL's cover above, but the planet is green. I would have preferred either the Battlecruiser or Black Sun, but I should be glad to even get a limited, especially at this price. I'll comment further when I've watched more.


After watching the first 3 episodes on Blu-ray, I will say that I've totally enjoyed watching these episodes again. I've seen them so many times but watching them with this level of detail is almost like watching it for the first time. So many details I've never seen before. Many of the effects shots are stunning in HD. Sometimes some of the wires and other hidden objects are visible, but mostly they hold up extremely well. And the sets look fantastic. The remastering job is not perfect, but it's really pretty close to it. The only real problem is the occasional bit of pixellation from compression, and that is not a fault with the remastering, but the encoding.

I have noticed that the 5.1 audio tends to get very hissy, especially during quiet scenes. When things start to go quiet, suddenly you can hear the background noise getting louder and louder, almost to a ridiculous degree. It can be very distracting actually. Then, as soon as somebody talks or something happens, the background sound goes away, like somebody just dialed the background audio way down. That happens throughout the episodes I've seen so far. I think it is probably the 5.1 enhancements that artificially boost the background sounds for added effect, but it seems to go way overboard.

And I'm still upset about the blue line, which is definitely visible for me. As I said, right now I'm viewing it on my PC monitor which is 1680x1050, so I can crop away the blue line by zooming in without losing anything off the top or bottom, but once it's on a tv, I wonder how it will look. It seems some tv's crop just enough off the side to hide the line. Since they are working on year 2 now, hopefully they will make sure not to allow this to happen again on this set.

I was also very displeased with the quality of the scanned images. While the pictures were awesome, and I loved seeing so many rare images, the lack of care was apparent. As was mentioned, the contrast, especially in the black & white shots, is awful to put it kindly. Highlights are way way overblown. Also, you may notice on many of the images that there is a "spot" that looks sort of dark in different places. I used to work in a photo lab, and I can tell you exactly what that is because we used to see it all the time in the lab when we processed film - it is a speck on the scanning/imaging lens. Sometimes that would happen in the lab and we would have to take the lens out and clean it, and then it would go away. It looked exactly like the same spots on many of the images in this set. There was also a lot of dust - random squiggly white lines. All of that could be avoided with just a little effort before scanning. To think that they had access to these images and couldn't be bothered to blow the dust off the lens/negatives and check for spots is shameful.

And I don't love that the images are presented as a video slideshow - the images only last a few seconds each, and you have to pause it for each one if you want to get a good look. Why couldn't they have just made it so you can step through the images one-at-a-time? Even better would be if they included a rom folder on the disc with the images as .bmp or .png, or even .jpgs for viewing on the pc. But now I'm just dreaming.

Still, I have been enjoying the set, and I will certainly be buying the season 2 set now that it has been announced. The remastering is fantastic - I just really wish they would put a bit more effort into the actual presentation.
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The only real problem is the occasional bit of pixellation from compression

Can you give any examples where these are, I've not noticed any.

Even better would be if they included a rom folder on the disc with the images as .bmp or .png, or even .jpgs for viewing on the pc

I agree but considering a lot of the pictures are from the 'Rex Features' photo library where they sell for up to £60 each, I'm guessing they have been licenced to be viewed from within the video stream and not as individual files?


I would bet you're right about the licensing. I'm sure they would be concerned that if they just included a folder of images, they would appear online in no time. Unfortunate how they think like that.

I watched "Ring Around The Moon" tonight, and there was a few seconds of pretty noticeable compression artifacts during one of the early segments where the screen was mostly all black. But then during other scenes that were just as black there were no artifacts at all. So it only seems to happen at random, really only noticeable on dark scenes, and not very often.


I would bet you're right about the licensing. I'm sure they would be concerned that if they just included a folder of images, they would appear online in no time. Unfortunate how they think like that.

Considering how quickly some of us got those pictures online, it's a valid concern. We're only using the pictures on this forum to point out details- there are plenty of people who would be printing them out and flogging them on ebay to make a tidy profit.

BTW if you bought the pictures from Rex, you'd find they have the same flaws as the same pictures on the blu ray discs. Granada did the scanning, Network had no input.


That's very interesting - I wasn't aware that Granada did the scanning. Well Network can't be blamed for that then. I'm still very happy to get to see all these images.

You're probably right about Ebayers - there's so many two-bit sellers trying to take advantage like that. It's a shame really.


I watched an episode or two on the Playstation 3 and couldn't see any blue lines...yet.

Here's my cover for you, another variation I don't think anyone else has posted yet.

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I just recently finished watching all the Blu-ray discs (A&E) and thought I'd give a short review on my experience.

It had been a little while since I'd seen any episodes - probably a couple years or so. I was wondering originally if I was prepared to watch all 24 episodes in a short amount of time, but by the time Breakaway was over, I was fully prepared for my HD odyssey. Over the next few weeks I watched all the discs in order, including all the extras.

I gotta say, It was quite an experience. While some episodes were certainly better than others, as a whole, the first season was a blast to see in HD. It really was like I was watching it for the first time again. I have never seen so much detail in the sets and miniatures. While some shots of course hold up better than others, I was constantly amazed at what was achieved way back then on a television budget. The remastering was absolutely gorgeous. Incredibly sharp image and vibrant colors. I've never seen this series look so good.

Now I gotta say, there were some flaws. Firstly, the blue line on the far right of the screen is unfortunate and completely avoidable. There's simply no acceptable reason why this should have happened. Now, I watched these on my 1680x1050 monitor on my PC, so the software I used had a "smart-fit" option which fit the image to the screen without any cropping or image distortion, preserving the aspect-ratio, so the blue line was not visible for me when I watched the episodes. However, when I tried a few episodes without that smart-fit option, I could definitely see the line on the edge of my monitor. It may or may not be visible on some tvs depending on how the tv displays the image, but it really shouldn't be there at all. I've never seen that on a Blu-ray before. It can be ignored, but it is still a minor distraction.

Also, there is some random light-bleeding from the edge of the image, usually visible only during random space shots. That may have been unavoidable during the restoration, I really don't know. But it doesn't happen too often. When it does happen it tends to ruin a good space shot though as the deep black of space has all this stray light bleeding in from the edge of the screen.

Other than that the image is simply stunning. Of course the sharpness of detail reveals many flaws that were never meant to be seen, but in no way does this ruin the experience. Occasionally you'll see a string or cardboard model in the background, but most of the model work still looks amazing. The sets look almost 3D - you've never seen so many little details on the walls, furniture, etc.

On the audio front, well, it was kinda weird. The surround was pretty nice overall, and the music was fantastic. Dialog was easy to understand as well. However, All episodes seemed to have a very loud "hiss" that was very objectionable during very quiet moments. Like one moment, there is talking and sound effects and everything sounds fine, with virtually no hissing to speak of, and then, suddenly, when things go quiet, it's like you cranked the speakers up to maximum volume until all you heard was the loud hissing from the background audio, except you hadn't touched the volume. At times this hissing can last many many seconds, then somebody will say something or music will kick in, and the hissing will immediately disappear. It's very distracting at times.

I also noticed audio clipping in a few episodes. One episode in particular was very noticeable in a few spots, but I can't remember which one it was now. When things get very loud, you can actually hear the audio crackle due to clipping. That's most likely due to the volume being too high during the transfer. So the audio definitely had some issues, though it wasn't bad enough to ruin my enjoyment. At worst it was a distraction.

The image galleries were extremely enjoyable, and while the scan quality left alot to be desired, they were still very nice to see, and the set is almost worth the price just for those galleries. Sadly most of the extras included were on standard DVD discs, not Blu-ray. I hate when they do that. If I'm buying a Blu-ray set, I want all the discs to be Blu-ray (duh!). Also, that means that the Blu-rays are scratch-resistant due to the coating on all Blu-ray discs, but the DVDs are unprotected. Indeed, the first set I received came with a nice large scratch on the last extras disc, and I sent it back for an exchange.

Several extras from the A&E DVD megaset were absent but I get a feeling that since much of that was relating to season 2 (promos, interviews, etc), hopefully we'll be seeing those on the Blu-ray release of season 2. I was hoping for a bit more newly-created bonus material, but mostly it is just carried over from the previous DVD release. I did enjoy seeing the textless opening and closing bits of each episode in HD - they were previously available on the French DVD set but they looked awesome in HD. You get to see many of the effect shots that open and close each episode with out the usual credits covering up the beautiful special effects.

So there you have it. I'm certainly glad that I have the set, and will remain a permanent addition to my collection. While not perfect, it's still a fantastic release and well worth the price, especially on sale from Amazon. If you're a fan of the series and on the fence about whether or not to get it, don't hesitate.

As a side note, I also watched the season 2 episode "The Metamorph" in HD, and after watching the the previous 24 episodes, full of grandeur and ideas, I felt like I was watching "Lost In Space" season 3! I'm a fan of both seasons, but wow, they really are 2 different shows almost. The image quality was not as good, either. The color hue was on the red side throughout, and not as sharp either. It looked good, but not great like season 1. It did look very colorful though. I hope they will put more effort in their full season 2 remastering. The metamorph just fell a bit short in my opinion.
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I've mentioned the orange/red colour problem on the Blu-rays before - studying a little deeper, I've noticed there's a difference in the colour hues from the 'this episode' sequence to the actual episode.

This stood out more to me on War Games (as if we haven't alreadly over-discussed the hawk's original shade of orange !):-

The first picture is from 'this episode' and the second from the episode:-

close ups:-

and interestingly:-


Captain Sci-Fi

Left - is the original large Hawk filming model made by Martin Bower

Right - is Chris Potters build of the Small Art Kit (of the original model)

Centre is a man with happiness written all over his face (Chris Potter)



The issue of Hiss and clipping sounds to me like someone has used automatic gain control which boosts quiet passages and clips loud ones. Bad decision on someone's part