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Space 1999 US season 1 order?


Hi there,
I've just been reading The Complete Gerry Anderson by Chris Bentley. I've noticed differences in the US screening dates of 99 here as to dates provided by Robert Wood's book. Now I know the USA is a huge place with many different stations and that but can anyone help here? I know that after Breakaway that Matter of Life and Death was transmitted on 16th Sept 75,followed by Another Time,Another Place on 23rd Sept. Force of Life is fifth with Alpha Child on 14th Oct and Guardian of Piri on 21st Oct. Black Sun on 11th Nov,End of Eternity on 18th Nov,Testament of Arkadia on 2nd Dec,Last Enemy on 9th Dec and Ring Around The Moon on 6th Jan 76. I wonder if any American fans could help with the gaps if possible?

Cheers JB:wtf:


Since the series was syndicated, stations were allowed to run the episodes in any order they wanted, with the following caveat: "Breakaway" had to be the first shown during Season 1, and "The Metamorph" had to be the first shown in Season 2. That's why there's no concensus on what the broadcast order was; it varied by station, and in some cases, some episodes were not shown until reruns cycled through.

I think The Catacombs might have listings of some of the major network affiliates (like New York or Los Angeles), so start there and see if that helps you.

For what it's worth, most people consider production order to be the 'official' running order for the episodes, though I personally feel that "Ring Around the Moon" works better before "Black Sun" and "The Last Enemy" works better before "War Games." Some others have much more radical episode running lists, and some of those choices actually make a bit of sense when you listen to their justifications.