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I signed. I do have a vested interest though - I did some effects work on it. Eric has worked bloody hard to give the original material appeal for a modern audience and it would be a shame if it couldn't be seen.

Ham Salad

Whatever happened to the supposed remake/re imagining? has it fell by the wayside - at least this would fill the gap

Well, generally these things are all about the money and the deal:
Sadly, it has nothing to do with who has the best idea or the best concept.

This is why richard hatch didn't get to his sequel to Battlestar galactica, for example: The people who got to do it were the ones who showed up with the financing and the distribution deal.
I suspect that if the SOS showed up with , say, 200K in development funds and a preliminary statement of interest from the SYFY network or HBO, you'd see pens readied for contract signing.

Look at it from their point of view: Does it make business sense to 'give' the rights to some people with no financing, no distribution, and no track record?
From their point of view, it makes more sense to hope for a better deal in future. This is a business , after all.

Besides, doesn't carleton own the rights now?
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