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Space Chopper


Another great build KevinD . Well done. Not a great episode of Blake's 7, apart from the shock ending. Space bikes taking out Federation Pursuit ships. Hmmm. Plus the costume designers must have had a load of old glam rock costumes and makeup left over from the early 70s. I prefer seasons 1 and 2 myself though there are a few really good episodes in 3 and 4. The models were always great but not always filmed well. Have you built a model of the London or Spacemaster?


Funny, rewatching B7 currently, near the end of Season 4 now; watched Stardrive a few weeks back. Nice model, but i didnt find many of the S4 ships that appealing.


Thanks folks. No, I'm not a big fan of the 4th series, though Blake is a good episode. Haven't tried Spacemaster or London, not done many B7 spaceships at all really, considering I've done loads of props. I used to own an actual Space Rat helmet!