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Space program: what torques you off the most?


Okay, what aspect of the space program, as it stands right now, pisses you off the most? I'm talking everybody's. NASA, ESA, JSA, Russia, et al. What would you change, or do, if YOU had the power, and the checkbook, to make it happen?
And a permanent orbiting habitat. So long as we're stuck on this rock we're going no where!

And this current obsession with finding life on other worlds (Though this may be journalists), what are they hoping, that they are going to come and rescue us!


The implications of knowing if there is life in the universe will instigate the biggest cultural shift in human thinking ever. It's one of the biggest questions mankind has ever asked itself. It's about knowledge and understanding the nature of existence and our place in the universe. Understanding reality is what we strive for as a species.
I already accept that there is life in outer space. It's where we are! It's the wrong reason to go into space, go into space because it's good for mankind. We should be by now a space faring race (if what we're doing now doesn't count). Even if we find life on other worlds, we can't move it, can touch it, even observing it has huge risks. It would effectively bar us from going there. That is if our unmanned plutonium powered space craft doesn't kill it first.
Understanding reality is something humans aren't equipped to deal with. Most people (and I'm excluding members of this forum) have a narrow understanding and would be very unhappy (my self included) to have their true position in the universe revealed aka Douglas Adams total perspective vortex. Leave the philosophical stuff behind and just go to Mars.


I agree the search for life shouldn't unduly drain resources from other equally valid goals but neither do we know if it is a fool's errand unless we try. Some might argue that despite the low odds of success (despite having no usable information from which to calculate a probability), the potential payoff makes the effort worth taking.


:twisted:I'd like to see three:

Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and George W Bush...

...without spacesuits :twisted:

Tim Smith

I'd send president Horse and Buggy packing. (MkIXHawk, I'd take Bush ANY day of the week over this clown) Then get back to the plan we had. We waited for years for it, now we're told NASA can't have enough to make it happen, while countless billions are being farted way by the same group of nincompoops????
ISS Alpha is great, but why just a station by itself? Why not go to the moon, Mars, etc also??? Plenty of room for everyone to get involved. I am glad, though, that the private sector is getting involved in a bigger way...I hope. That alone can be a big game changer. Once private industry begins human transport with paying passengers, just as we saw when 2001 was just a movie, then we can hope for less government boneheads running things they do not understand, and allow them to shape the future.
Oh, I am a weeee bit frustrated over all this...

Tim Smith

AHEM!! :x

Ix-nay on the olitics-pay, guys! In fact this whole topic could and should have been couched in more positive terms (ie. what would you like to see changed about the current or planned space programmes?), instead of inviting people to air their grievances.

Play nice! ;)

Sorry. Kinda hard to get away from politics when at this point in history the politicains rule the roost, and do not always make wise decisions.
IF I ran the whole deal??? Ohhhhh!! So many missions, spacecraft, and bases! I'd set up a huge dome on the moon for athletics (yeah, weired to hear from me). Lots of cash to be made there, and who could resist the possibility of real flight with just a simple pair of wings. You thought hang gliding was hot in the 70's???
We'd be exploring deeply for science and open up space for tourists also. Oddly enough, it was the movie Moon Zero Two that pictured this; the moon was truly a fronter that the common man and those seeking their fortunes went to.
I just hope I am around the see at least some of this.


Well, what I would do if I had the funds would be to keep a couple shuttles flying (gotta keep ISS serviced somehow, along with Hubble and some other larger platforms in LEO) while finally going ahead and building the X-33 to test SSTO concepts for a shuttle replacement. Then I would mandate a space tug gets built to truck stuff up to higher orbits and bring stuff down for a shuttle to capture to bring home (one of the original mandates of the shuttle program, which Congress killed in the 1970s and ended up hobbling the shuttle). Next, I would continue to fund Ares 1 and V for flights to the Moon, crew replacement capability on the ISS and eventually a flight to Mars.

Using Orion based probes, I would also send flights to nearby asteroids (NEOs if possible) and perhaps a couple man-made objects such as LM-4 Snoopy's ascent stage from Apollo 10 (assuming some math wizzes and computer simulation technology can find it) and Apollo 12's S-IVB stage to take samples to see what extreme long duration deep space exposure can do to man-made objects.


Get people to Mars, defenetly. My mum was 9 years old when man landen on the moon, she heard all about it (they didn't have a TV at their place at that time) So I want to see the first people land on Mars. It is a shame, in the 1970's en 80's they worked really hard on space stuff, people went to the moon and they wanted to do more, but does anyone know what they 'stopped' the Mars (and Venus and what not) programs, If I was in charge, I would make a new Apollo program, but this time to Mars. That's defenetly what I would do :)