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Spacehawk - studio sized reproduction


Chief Eagle Pilot
As there are no postings in this Terrahawks section I thought that I better make an entry.
So here are a few pictures of my latest model build - the Spacehawk from Terrahawks.
This is an exact reproduction of the original model used in the series - made possible because I've had that model for the last six months to do some repairs to it. Also I managed to get hold of a large number of duplicate parts left over from the original build back in early 1980s, including all the vintage coffee jar lids and disposable razors needed to build this.
Its taken a lot of glue to stick the 1800 pieces together but it's come out quite well ....

To begin with heres the almost complete spare set of parts assembled by the original builder, Phil Rae, in the 1980s incase he needed to build a spare, I just needed another 15+ Airfix kits to complete it ( mostly 6 x Airfix Esso tank wagons, 6 x Airfix RAF Recovery sets, and 3 x Airfix 1/24th scale Harriers).

starting to copy the assembled parts

repaired original and finished reproduction


Chief Eagle Pilot
Glad you liked it, the only problem with these big/long models is that its difficult to get a good photograph that shows the detail, by the time you have the camera back far enough, to get it all in the shot, it looks like it could have been done with just 10 pieces!
Heres more of a decent view - however there are bigger pictures on my website and a build article to read.


Another great restored original and another great replica model from you, David! Having seen the "remains" of the original, some years ago when we first met, I'm even more impressed. Cheers, Ron.


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I've never watched Terrahawks, but looking at this, I'm gonna have to check it out! Nice work. Very impressive!


It was known as the Gillette Hawk by the production team because of the number of Gillette razors used in its construction.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Thanks Andy.....
... as for my username Mark is my middle name but should have been my first name, however as the nextdoor neighbour had a kid called Mark my parents instead chose David. I wish they had stuck to Mark.
As for 42...... well a favourite number and of course the meaning of life.

I've still got a few more razor bits to stick on the original, and then its will be back to its owner & builder Phil Rae.
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Razor sharp details as ever....

Hi David, have visited your site several times to gaze lovingly at Eagle 1, but this is the first time I've looked at SpaceHawk. Terrahawks was never a favourite, but some of the modelwork was undoubtedly of a very high standard. What a fantastic account of how you made it all happen - loads of pictures and details for us to admire. Especially of interest are your comments on surface preparation, painting and weathering - there are so many different components made of varying types of plastic, and it must have been a real challenge at times to make everything stick.

Fantastic website, models and commentaries - thanks very much.

Kindest regards



Chief Eagle Pilot
Thanks Patrick, Spacehawk certainly holds my record for the most glue used on a project!


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They are my favourite band..... although I hate 'Running in the Family' which always gets played and seems to be considered their signature tune.

This Spacehawk model will be on display at Smallspace a week on Sunday
see -



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Sorry to go off topic

I went to the Bass show at Olympia back in March as my 15 year old son is a really great bassist & Mark King was the special guest.

He (Mark) played a live set with an effects pedal that accompanies his bass replicating a guitar sound, & also there was with a drummer
So it was a duo that sounded like a trio
it was the first time I have seen this technology

However since this day

There is a duo called Royal Blood (Bass & Drums) & they use this effect too

Check them out they are awesome.

Heres a pic of me & Mark
Yes we both look rough.


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