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Special Weapons Dalek Targetting Drone


Was having a rawl through the bits box and came across the dome of my son's long-defunct radio controlled Dalek.
Turning it over and thinking what a great shape it is and how, really, i should do something with it, i got the idea of using just that and having it as some sort of hovering Dalek device, maybe akin to the small Probe Droids seen in the Star Wars prequels.
So, had a rummage and came up with:

Which is:
the dome,
some extra blobs on it,
Tamiya wheel for where an eye lens will go, backed by a Gundam part,
Star Fury engine nozzles for "ears",
coffee cup lid for the first part of the underside,
then two R2D2 parts,
and two mini-tripod legs for the side thrusters, capped by a couple of bike parts,
and some domes to make it nice and blobby.

The underside isn't much as it'll hardly be seen:

Once in Primer:

I had to decide on a colour scheme. After a bit of a ponder i decided on the same as the Special Weapons Dalek as i could make it good and grungy.
Then i thought: The Special Weapons Dalek isn't exactly subtle is it? Just blasting away like that.
Maybe its eyesight isn't exactly great?
So what if, when it needs to be more accurate, it has a lil' helper?
What if it has a Targetting Drone that zips across to the target, sends a signal to the Dalek when it gets there, then gets out of there sharpish when it opens fire?
So that's what i'm doing then.
Here's the chap when i've just started grunging him up. Just need to finish the rusty bits, put on what appears to be runny axle grease on the Dalek in the show, and put the eye into the socket.