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Spectrum Heli Jet.


Imai's model of the Spectrum Helicopter has been around for some time.

It is a fairly accurate representation of the studio model.

Every so often one pops up on E-bay for a reasonable price.

I was lucky to get one for good fee.

The cockpit needed modification to make it look like the original.

I removed the raised panel lines and pencilled them in.

The toy like rocket launchers built in to the floats were removed, and the soft plastic rotor blades were

replaced by modified ones salvaged***65279; from the old Airfix Sea King.

The kit's self adhesive markings were replaced by water slide decals out of the spares box.

Thanks for looking :D
Very well done!

I have seen it on screen many times but this is the first time I have really taken a good close look at it. It is amazing how many subtle design cues it has with the SPV...


Nice build Angelo.
I had started a studio scale of this years ago but was so dissatisfied with it I through it out, one day I might attempt another.
This vehicle was the first original model I ever saw in a good photo as seen on the inside of one of the Cpt Scarlet annuals a long time ago. I was amazed how it looked and how much the photo made me want to build things like it. Up to that point I had never really seen the tv vehicles in close up detail before.


It is another of the Anderson series fully realistic looking designs. Mike Trim or Derek Meddings? I did manage to build a studio scale replica, it was an on and off again project for a couple of years due to the complex shape of the engine section, clear canopy etc. This kit version looks quite accurate in overall shape and contours except for a couple of minor discrepancies in the engine cowling. Well done, it is a great success.


Hello Angelo
a very nice job on the helijet seen in quite a few episode of Captain Scarlet you have done a good job, only wish I could paint as good as your self.
regards Barrie ( the old guy )


Thanks everyone, glad you like her :)
Yes, Mike Trim was a worthy apprentice to Derek Meddings, he designed some impressive looking machines.