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SPI satellite from Cry wolf and KLA from Ricochet

Mike Delamar

here are some HD screengrabs of the SPI satellite from Cry wolf

screengrab from behind the scenes documentary

It was later modified into the KLA satellite in Ricochet, although there where several different scales of the KLA, ive just included this one.

the main basis was the large Vollmer oil refinery tank

other pieces seem to be, small vollmer tank, airfix travelling dock crane, monogram b58 drop tank fins, revell mercurey capsule stands on the rear. ripmax ship vents and other bits Im not sure yet


Mike Delamar

I got looking at this because I thought the roulette set may have been used on it for the large diameter piece but it sadly isnt that.

some bits that are puzzling me although I think I may have seen them somewhere...

on SPI...

the very top piece are one piece fins from a monogram b58. the circular piece that is sitting on, Im not sure what it is.

and also the smaller diameter piece on the bottom, may be the Kibri tank? I havent got one of those, anyone got any dimensions?

also the ball at the bottom may be something from a kit.

the white radar dishes may be ripmax boat grating



Here are a few of the bits shown together, if it helps :)

The capsule from the Everything Is Go kit is used for rocket nozzles fixed to the main body cylinder.


Mike Delamar

brilliant Keith lovely pics :)

just leaves the ball on the bottom to find which looks like its 2 dome parts which looks like it has alan key bolts through it.

the piece on the top main vollmer part,to the right of the mercury piece on the black and white pic, is a ripmax double ships hooter with the hooters cut off.