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Sponsor and drive Traffic and sales to your site


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Drive traffic and sales to your site.

A premier market:

The Eagle Transporter Forum is one of the leading Sci-Fi discussion boards on the internet. A good many of its ever-expanding user base (age demographic here) have moderate to high disposable incomes and regularly buy model kits, paints, tools, media, prop replicas, collectables, DVDs, CDs and gadgets of all genres, not just sci-fi.


A simple banner rotation program has been implemented on the forum and sponsors are invited to participate.

• There will be an absolute limit of 20 advertisers on the banner rotation program at any one time.

New! Sponsors' banners are given exclusive visibility - placed on the header throughout the entire forum, so coverage is extensive and visibility is high.

• Clicks on the banners will direct the user to your site (or chosen web address) in a separate window.


Sponsorship is just £5 GBP (approx $10) per calendar month, billed via PayPal subscription. You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay nor will you be obliged to sign-up for one - you can simply use a credit or debit card.

No obligation or commitment:

Should you wish to cease your participation in the banner sponsorship programme at any time, simply cancel the subscription in your PayPal account (or request us to do so if you pay with a card and don't have an account) and your banner will be removed when it expires at the end of the current paid month.

If you'd like to become a sponsor, please either contact me here via PM or email for further details.

You'll need a banner 468x60 pixels - static is very much preferred. Animated banners are only accepted in .gif format and should change at a slow to moderate rate. File size should be kept low, preferrably less than 40kb.

All sponsors considered:

• Commercial entities, retailers etc.

• Forum members who want to promote their site or eBay Shop

Commercial sponsors should ideally be connected to the collectables/modelling/space industry in some way.

Thank you for your continuing support! :thumbup:


Our current sponsors are:

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