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Star Wars CG


Some of my Star Wars CG images. Created in Lightwave and post in Photoshop. :)


  • Trooper tales 1138 comic.jpg
    Trooper tales 1138 comic.jpg
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  • The last battle .jpg
    The last battle .jpg
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  • Return of the Jedi.jpg
    Return of the Jedi.jpg
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  • Bounty Hunters.jpg
    Bounty Hunters.jpg
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  • Droid v Droid.jpg
    Droid v Droid.jpg
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  • Force and Counterforce.jpg
    Force and Counterforce.jpg
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  • Greedo - Bounty Hunter.jpg
    Greedo - Bounty Hunter.jpg
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  • Hoth Hanger master.jpg
    Hoth Hanger master.jpg
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  • Model shop.jpg
    Model shop.jpg
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  • Dupe.jpg
    50.5 KB · Views: 27


Oh I remember that one - under Central station bridge? used to love wandering in there
That's the one. Every school boy would stop dead in front of the shop and try and figure out how many weeks of pocket money it would take to buy the model they wanted. :thumbup: