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Star Wars Collectibles for sale


Hi Star Wars collectors…

I’m putting up for sale some of my SW collectibles; offering them here first (before moving them to eBay).

They’ve all been looked after in a smoke-free home (cats kept well away).

I don’t have the boxes for them (no space to store them in our home) but all the Certificates of Authenticity and other inclusions are present.

So, what’s up for sale…
1) eFx X-Wing - £1,000
2) Master Replicas Y-Wing - £1,000
3) Master Replicas AT-AT - £1,250
4) Code 3 Darth Vader Tie Fighter - £300
5) Code 3 AT-ST - £200

Items 1-3: These pieces are heavy/delicate so collection in person would be the only option.

Items 4 and 5: These pieces are delicate so collection in person would be preferred. If posted this would be at additional insured cost.

Cash on collection would be fine, otherwise payment by PayPal with 4% handling charge.

I’m selling them to concentrate on CGI modelling (Maya), so a new laptop and some training is in order!

Any questions, details, pictures, just ask...

As I say, if there are no takers here, I’ll put these up for sale on eBay next Sunday (22/11/15).

Many thanks,


Here are the items themselves...

eFx X-Wing (lights up)

Master Replicas Y-Wing

Master Replicas AT-AT (includes original acrylic case)

Code 3 Darth Vader Tie Fighter (includes original acrylic case)

Code 3 AT-ST (includes original acrylic case)