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Star Wars Episode 7


Anyone seen the trailer yet?

All I can say is -
"Woah! It looks like the film's going to be much better than I'd imagined!!"


Steve Gerard

Great teaser trailer. I loved seeing the production design:

revised Stormtrooper helmet
Millennium Falcon rectangular radar dish
new light saber
new X-wing design

all awesome :clap: :clap: :cheers:
Yes caught this trailer, my 7 year old and me are very excited - loved the X wings over water not sure about the new lightsaber
Not too keen on the cinematography.
Doesn't match the other trilogies very well.
however how much can you gather from 88 seconds?
Star Wars 7 - The Hype Continues....

Speaking as someone for whom the original premise of Star Wars was utterly ruined by the three prequels and the horrible, imagination-bereft, CGI-laden universe thereby created, I can muster no enthusiasm for the next instalment. I am transported back over thirty years, when I resolutely attempted to avoid all pictures and articles about the much-anticipated Return of The Jedi, until the fateful day a magazine fell open and I saw, to my dismay, a half-completed Death Star. Lucas had just gone back to the well and started recycling, even then. As I scrolled down the main index page of this Forum, I couldn't help but notice "Star Wars Episode 7" and immediately beneath it, "Haven't We Been Here Before.....".

Please be assured this isn't a rant against all of those people who avidly await any and all news, pictures and updates on the eagerly awaited new Episode: you're all entitled to be really excited about it, and I hope that it's worth the wait. I just cannot raise the enthusiasm. I'm looking ahead to 2015 and the Thunderbirds series with equal amounts of hope and trepidation. It's another re-boot, and my only excuse for any excitement I feel is that I keep telling myself I've had to wait 50 years for another Thunderbirds series.

I usually try to be quite positive and upbeat about things, but fear that we are heading into a new era of endless copies and ever bigger, ever shinier trinkets to occupy our attentions. Effects were always meant to be there to help tell a story, but there had to be a story there to begin with. As Fisher, Hamill and Ford get together for the infamous "one last job", I hope that it's a cracking story, full of surprises and twists, which proves me wrong. But, on the other hand......

Kindest regards



Chief Eagle Pilot
Ditto above...
My love of Star Wars ended 1/2 hour into Return of the Jedi after the rescue of Han, when we got yet another Death Star and........... Ewoks!

Steve Gerard

Ditto above...
My love of Star Wars ended 1/2 hour into Return of the Jedi after the rescue of Han, when we got yet another Death Star and........... Ewoks!

Agree. :-/

I consider STAR WARS(1977) and ESBK(1980) to be the best films. I am hoping that THE FORCE AWAKENS is as good. :think: