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Star Wars exibit pix at COSI, Columbus, OH


I believe today is the last day :cry: I'm going back over there in a minute
to shoot about 100 more pix of the X-wing. It's out in the lobby, so it won't
cost me a thing. ;) Red 3 is definately what my CC X-wing is going to be.
None of the underside pix came out, so I'll take my flashlight and see if
that helps. :!:


excellent stuff!! Looking at the Falcon I can really sympathasise with Leia when she says "you came in that thing?, your braver than I thought! Damn its one beat up piece of spaceship, holes, dints scrapes! Lucky to see this close up. I guess I would never see this downunder


Ya never know. I never thought there would be a stop here either.
I believe there are exhibits currently in Korea and in Japan. So one
could eventually head your way :pray: