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Starbuck's Viper, out of the box.....

Hi there - thought I'd post a few pictures of my work in progress of the Revell Viper Mk 2 (a wee present for me, rescued from a charity shop with all the parts and transfers still in the box). The five seasons of Battlestar Galactica became essential viewing in our household, so the Viper strikes a strong chord as the mainstay of the beleaguered Colonial fleet. In addition, this is the first time I have built a kit out of the box in a very long time: I've drawn on all of the knowledge, hints, tips and skills on display on the mighty ETF and tried to utilise what I've seen.

So bear with me - it's a simple enough kit to build, but it's my first time using spray paints, masking tapes and detailed weathering to achieve a realistic look. The red lines are actually painted on - I didn't fancy trying to get those decals to stay on the curved surfaces, so I went for the more difficult option. The canopy is beautiful - crystal clear plastic which (so far) hasn't got my careless fingerprints all over it. The pilot figure worked out OK as well, and there are some lovely decals for the dials and controls.

Anyway, I'm really pleased with the way she's working out, so I hope you'll like the results to date. Just hope Starbuck doesn't start frakkin' around out there......

Kindest regards



  • VIPER 1 MAY 2015.jpg
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Nice model. I made one for a friend once but I bottled out of painting the stripes and took the easy way out by using the decals, you've done a good job on them.