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Starship Dimensions


Forum Supporter
I like this. A wonderful display of spaceships of all genres.

Quite amusing to drag the Rama cylinder across the screen and compare it to the Death Star. Sci-Fi meets fantasy!

And I always had a taste for REALLY big constructions, present and imagined. A good place to see them here, indeed.

The eagle is listed as 68 meters. That seems about twice as much as is reasonable...? :?


Maybe the measurement was based on a set of orthographic blueprints made by L Allen Everhart back in the 1980's. I have a set of them. Though beautifully detailed, they show a human for scale... about half the size he should be! (And that's about half the size if you're using, say, Baldassari's measurements for a "real" Eagle. It looks more like about 1/3 size compared to shots from "Another Time, Another Place.")