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Station Sigma


After all the problems I had with the helijet I felt I had to do something which was simple, enjoyable and relatively quick. Also cheap! So I gathered together all the remnants of old space station kits (Heller/Revell) and see if I could build something without having to buy anything!

OK, no prizes for guessing where I got the inspiratuion from. I intend bulding small interplanetary spacecraft and a couple of small spaceplanes (the strange aircraft from the UFO Moonbase kit will form the basis) to be docked to it.



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    Space Station Sigma.jpg
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Captain Sci-Fi

Altares kit....

Hi Keith,

Completely by chance I might have something suitable to dock with your station... :D

Not sure about the scale but can confirm we will have stock of Duey's Altares Model 10.5" resin kit soon. Will that fit the bill?



Thanks Steve.

And thanks, Cap'n for the idea, but already considered that as I have one in the attic. Think it will be a bit too big though as that will be more than half the length of the station (not quite 18"). I've envisioned the station as being a lot smaller scale than that, so it will be a huge station. But I will see what it looks like with the ships I come up with to see if it looks right.

I must admit I do prefer working in small scales rather than large scales as I find it somehow more enjoyable.

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Steve Gerard


saturnapollo/Keith your Space Station does look like a excellent revision of the Space:1999 Spacedock, maintaining the original overall inspiration. I do think the smaller scale still looks impressive and whatever you dock to it will look cool. Please post images of this work in progress.:thumbup:


Thanks for posting the photo, Steve. I was sort of doing it from memory and the parts I had available to me kind of dictated the configuration. The photo shows the Ultraprobe is pretty big compared to the station. I prefer the smaller relative size.

Nearly finished building the first spaceship.



Made some progress today.


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Man, you're not messin' around with this one! Coming together quickly and looks nice. Can hardly wait to see it "floating" in space (above the earth or some planet hopefully).

Fun Pod

You can already tell this is gonna look the business! I think it's small scale will play in it's favour 8)


Thanks to everyone.

Essentially complete apart from some tidying up and filler - but thought I'd better take photos before I make a mess of it at the painting stage. All the docked spacecraft are finished and I think I prefer the orientation of the space planes to what I had before.

Not sure if I'll go with plain white or a very light grey.

Can hardly wait to see it "floating" in space (above the earth or some planet hopefully).

Yes, I'll be photographing it above the Earth:thumbup:



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Although you can't see in the photos I made tiny Eurosec decals for the spaceplanes.

I will probably have the old Prometheus and Arcturus docked to it via Photoshop. This will be a good model to reuse for different interplanetary craft.

Now to get some decent photos done!



Forum Supporter
Looking good Kieth, I am certainly looking forward to seeing the photo shopped pictures.

Tim Smith

Excellent as always!! Maybe you should spin it and add some music! Are those the 'head' parts from Lego sets I see used on the little probe ships? Great parts, i need some!