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Stingray Interior


I'm new here, I remember watching Stingray back in the sixties ,but those memories are vague and dark. I have scratch-built three models of this submarine over the last couple of years and as soon as I figure out how to operate my camera properly , I'll post some photos. I have been wanting to do some serious interior work on this subject and this is the first hard-core shot that I have found. Thanks for posting this picture!!!This is really fantastic!!!


Amazing info too. Those model builders were/ are so clever...always on the look out for useful stuff

Oh..and welcome Stewart R


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Definately interesting to find out what unusual parts were used, and very well spotted indeed.

Welcome to the forum Stewart_R.


Testors wasn't available here at the time. The yellow caps are from tubes of Impact Adhesive (Bostik?). Nowadays they're white but they used to be yellow. This was before the days of superglue. According to Mike Trim, most of the early Andrson hardware including shampoo bottle spacecraft were glued together with Impact Adhesive. The little flat plate in the centre of the tube top was intended for spreading the adhesive once it have been squeezed out.


have they also used the steering wheels there also????? :!:

Also notice that the Stingray's control wheels are cut down Playmobile steering wheels!! ....

doh sorry just noticed this :? :dunce:

paul gray

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i was watching one of these on e-bay in April and it feched just under £70.nice item to have if you fancy a studio scale interior
cheers Paul