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Strakers Car

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Guys,

I am overjoyed to let you know that there has been a flurry of activity in an english garden this weekend. Strakers Car has been visited, surveyed and moulded.

This is the first time the car has been moved in twenty plus years when it was lifted away from a boundary to be able to work around it. Several technicians then moulded every panel measured and photographed each part and feature detail, they found samples of the original paint colour which have been recorded for later exact matching.

I don't have any images to share just yet but after staying silent for the last several months to protect the projects viability, I am very happy to tell you all that we should see a work in progress replica when I visit the studio facility where the work is due to take place over the coming months.

I have been given unrestricted access during the production of this replica by the head of the project, none other than Sean Robinson. He tells me this is the last stage of an ongoing project that will result in a replica car fully fitted with all mod cons but still retaining the gull wing doors and other exterior styling that made the car such an icon. As he explains:

"It's a big car, much bigger than you imagine, we have managed to mould every panel to produce a positive replica which will be further refined after fixing to a specially designed jig. The work is being carried out and technically lead by the engineer responsible for the sets used in Harry Potter. Custom glass manufacturers used to producing windows for custom cars have been consulted too, this car will be as close a match as it is possible to make in a road worthy modern car"

I will be following this build to resurrect this iconic machine, the moulds are being delivered to the studio today (Sunday 13th May) and images should be available over the next few days once Sean has regrouped after this weekend labours.

I asked Sean why they didn't use the original car? He explained there were a few reasons:
"It would have been impossible to save the car from it's current condition and move it from it current location intact, basically the steel chassis from the Ford Zephyr upon which this car is built has turned to dust over time. If we hadn't done this now there would not been anything thing left to give a meaningful starting place using the surviving parts, it was now or never. The current owner has been very generous in allowing us to do this work, he has given us all the help he could to do the work and we are grateful to him."


:thumbup: Wow! Really great news. Well done. Looking forward to see pics of the build up of this big replica(r). I am overjoyed too.


Is this the same chap who has the save the straker facebook page?
well done if it is,and if its not well done anyway

Captain Sci-Fi

Update - Moulding day....

Hi Guys,

Sean has kindly allowed me to publish these images taken during the course of events on Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th may. Please respect his copyright and do not redistribute these images. If you want to share them please use a link to these pages on the forum - thank you.

Images © Sean Robinson 2012

The Technicians involved are: Tony Graysmark & Grant Boulton here is how he describes them

Tony Graysmark:
Tony is an old, old friend and colleague, I have worked with Tony for years, he is a very famous construction manager, he built the sets for 2001 as well as the moulds for the models for that film, he has worked on many Bond movies we worked on 4 Clint Eastwood movies, including Firefox, Troy with Brad pitt and most famously he built the full size titanic for cameron's movie as well as all of the sets.

Grant Boulton
This is the first time I have met Grant but I have known about him for some time, he is a veteran of the Bond, Harry Potter and Batman movies and he has just finished on the latest Bond movie. He is an excellent mould maker and I will be using him on my next movie.

I am still in shock that this was successfully done, the structure of the car was so weak it really was a now or never mission, the view of the interior tell the story of the cars true condition.


mike s

heroic effort, seriously - were the owners not afraid it would disintergrate while the cast was being taken..?

did the survey determine it would hold up ok..?


Truely awesome. What an amazing effort. It is like the recovery of dinosaur remains from the future.


These photos are amazing. having seen all the chat on facebook about where is strakers car, suddenly we bounce to these amazing photos. thank you so much for sharing. How many copies are going to be made and for what ?


I am really, really glad, that a replica of this iconic car will be "given back" to all the UFO enthusiasts. But at the same time I have some tears in my eyes, when I see, how much of the original car has already gone forever.


Wow.How many coats of paint did the body have? At first I thought it was Foster's car, from the traces of lavender I thought I saw. Realized it wasn't in the later photos. In a bit of synchronicty, I just obtained my first ever Dinky "Straker's car" via ebay only a couple of weeks ago!
A man of big deeds and bigger understatement... :D

From us all Sean, thank you..! :notworthy:

I feel it had to be done, I bought my first dinky car toy of this in 1970 and had it with me when I watched the series. I couldnt rest un til I did something about it because its a crying shame what has happened to it. Now the real work begins.
Wow.How many coats of paint did the body have? At first I thought it was Foster's car, from the traces of lavender I thought I saw. Realized it wasn't in the later photos. In a bit of synchronicty, I just obtained my first ever Dinky "Straker's car" via ebay only a couple of weeks ago!

It had about 4 coats and the stupid artwork was applied with just normal interior wood gloss that you would paint your door with, it came off in strips, the whole thing is a complete mess.