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Strakers Car


What's happened? Everything was going so well and we were getting regular updates and now it seems as though it's come to an end. Why?

Captain Sci-Fi

Sean has packed up and move half way around the world to South Africa, he is currently working on movie projects there including a Supermarionation style series Derek Meddings originated I believe.

Lets cut the guy some slack please fellas, bear in mind the car project is a major undertaking in time and being funded from his personal finances. Considering the workload he must under it is not that surprising that he has had to move the project to the side a little. I can personally vouch for the monumental effort in finding the car, making the moulds and progressing to this point.

I'm sure he will get back to me as soon as he can.


I can appreciate that he's busy with work and changes in his life (such as moving to SA) but this sounds as though he's a bit cheesed off with someone on here


Straker Car Sean Robinson in SA?

How come he's moved to South Africa but is still posting images and stuff of his cat in a field the UK on Facebook?..

Dont get it.. :-/


Its obviously some conspiracy designed to keep us in the dark over his evil machinations...

(sarcasm alert!)

He has his own life and business to lead, he's not answerable to us in the slightest.


Perhaps with this project not appearing to progress much, there will be a renewed effort to rescue the actual 'Straker's Car', we can live in hope!


Is there some kind of curse attached to this car? The original will never be seen restored again.....the one that Sean has been working on has come up against some problem or other......and DLT used to own it....look what happened to him!!!


If Sean want to sell the project I would be interested in buying it to finish it. I and freinds have built kit cars in the past and am sure we would have the skills to do it justice


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I feel very very honoured to just have been rung up by Sean,
He is going through massive personal changes in his life.
Relocating to South Africa is 1 of these plus he is working on a new film that will be the SUPERMARIONATION BIGGIE
Models galore !!!!!
I was drooling just listening to him talk about it,
He has no plans to allow Straker's car to be finished by no-one but himself & we can all understand that.
He apologize's to all as he knows the debate that has ensued since he first announced his plan, but believe me all good things come to those who wait.
i.e he will later this month post a link on this very forum to his own website, which will have a day to day progress re the car, he is in the middle of arranging domain hosting.

But 1 thing I didn't know is

There will be 5 cars to be sold worldwide

So start saving now.
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