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Strakers Car

Geoff Ellis

plus he is working on a new film that will be the SUPERMARIONATION BIGGIE
Models galore !!!!!

Thanks for the news. While I'm glad Straker's car is still ongoing, I'm especially interested in the new film, following on from the great-looking Agent Crush. Maybe the new film would help with Agent Crush being released one way or another as well.


Forum Supporter
He mentioned the film will have a 5 million budget
Every time I speak to Sean
He mentions Derek Meddings
They were great friends & Derek shared his secrets with Sean
Even on Seans website
He pays homage to him
Agent Crush I do not know about tbh


Well this car certainly has a jinx on it.

If that was true, it would have fallen apart and turned to permanent dust. At least it was cast to create a mold and that exists. It is unfortunate that Sean's life took a turn that put the car on low priority, but remember the time scale. This car sat for decades doing absolutely nothing. It may have to be another couple of years until Sean is able to bring the production of multiple models into reality.

My belief is that he'll make one and that will be it. The costs and effort involved to produce more are a significant investment. Would someone plunk down 20k quid as a deposit, and risk that it may sit doing nothing for a long while, returned on installments if things don't go right for Sean?

It's fun to fantasize about the car remade (and significantly improved from a practical and mechanical standpoint), but it's so far off the radar for those who would really be willing to drop over 100k on something like this. Not to mention that the design has inherent visibility problems (unless several cameras are installed to deal with glaring blind spots).

Face Ache

Personally, i've given up on this.
I don't buy the fact that he's just too busy shooting movies.
sorry, but that's how i feel.

You don't think someone can be too busy to build a car mostly from scratch? Hah.

I think Sean has reached a point (moulds produced and fibreglass body made) where he can afford to take a break. If people are impatient to see a car that hasn't really existed for 30 years... That's their problem.

mike s

well I think the car is possibly completed now - something happened, sean was getting hate mail about it I think so he withdrew from here - shame


Hate mail? For gods sake what morons were doing that?

Some people (see post above from a few days ago) seem to have a sense of entitlement way beyond their importance. Sean did an absolutely marvellous job of creating a new version of a dying car and people have the audacity to moan, complain and pass judgement without knowing all the facts?

If I were to post my TRUE feelings I'd probably be banned from this forum...


Are there any updates on this , or in fact any of the Shado/Dopple vehicles , the newly discovered Jeep and Doppelgänger where starting restoration about a year ago , would be good to hear any new on these.


What ever happened to Sean Robinson?

Various rumors...

Talking about

The guy who promised, but never did Straker’s car.

His wife divorced him....

He is working as a latrine or loo attendant...

Anybody know?


Is there any reason why I can't see the updates to this thread? I know that's an ironic question, as I probably won't see the answer!