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Studio Scale 3D Superswift


I am by no means, a great 3D designer, but I've always wanted to build a Superswift. I've scoured the internet for years trying to find good references. When it comes to length, the official answers are quite varied, even from the original designers. Some sources quote 50 or so inches, others up to 6 feet (72 inches?) There was a B&W picture of some of the Space 1999 filming crew that showed the 44" Eagle at the feet of the crew along side the Superswift which shows the comparison. Most people who don't know the exact measurement of any studio model, usually use a known part (greeblie) as a reference to the length of the model. The bigger the known part, the easier it is to be more accurate of the length of the studio model. Due to help on this site and theRPF, I have determined the length to be about 59".

I have tons of other projects on the go at different levels of completion, so I hope to live to 200 so I could complete them. Hopefully I can get to the Superswift soon. Currently here is my progress on the 3D work. My 3D slicer software says it will take over 2.5 days to print, and that is hollow at 0.2mm layer thickness, so I will have to break this up into segments.

The geometry isn't clean, but sanding and filler will take care of that.