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Studio Scale ANH Escape Pod


Well I just thought while I was at it I would start one of these aswell :roll:
I actually want to get as many replica builds started as possible as I like to have multiple projects to keep me busy. I also figure that most of these models use the same donors so makes sense to have all the builds started & then can concentrate on details at a later stage. Thats my excuse anyway. When I get the Blockade runner started things will get really interesting :lol:

So my friend Rick Ingalsbe sent me some buckets that are like what was used by ILM. I have 2.5 Quarts buckets though recently read 5 Quarts buckets were used so am now doing some more research & will scale up some pictures to get a better idea of this models actual dimensions.

Whilst playing with some obvious kit parts I discovered the new Airfix saturn V has been retooled on a part I need for the Pods Thrusters..... Damn it. Lucky I had one vintage kit to figure this out with a comparisson I only just by chance noticed.
Thanks for looking.


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Those retooled parts are a pain for an Escape Pod build, not to mention the Y-wing. Oddly enough I see the vintage kits usually go for less on the 'bay.

I'm in two minds regarding how useful any paint buckets might be to a pod build. A different manufacturer might make a bucket with the same volume but slightly different angles or proportions; enough to throw a model off. I think an equally valid method is to back-engineer the model from the larger kitparts, as usual. Particularly the Panzer III tracks around the equator (so long as you account for the tracks which would cross under the Sealab domes); work out the circumference they would make and you've got the diametre bang-on!


Heay JD. Thanks for the input. I hope to get much more of it as we go along. The retooled kits are a pain. Tamiya actually retooled alot of their kits though some with only one or two pieces. Your right on the fact to actually get the bucket that was used for the build would be extremely 'lucky'. I just thought it a good start & asked my friend Rick Ingalsbe to send me what he used for his replica he built for the movie '77. Check out his site & read his story. He's a great guy & a good friend. The first thing Rick would acknowlege is that his first replicas are not accurate. But they were good enough to be used in an exhibition as a stand in foir the real thing when it was called back by Lucasfilm & used in a movie about ILM. Rick is definately one of the fortunate people to have his dreams come true.
Anyway I was going to d pretty much exactly what you said & re-engineer back to the basics using scaled pictures & kit parts. This is how I am building all my models now & is probably the way the guys who've already done them did it. No secret now. I have some great shots of the model on its sides though I need to find one from the bottom.
Sounds like you know this model JD & hope you will help me with the parts maps.
I'll post the kit list I started from information I accumulated from the other sites.
Thanks for the advice & look forward to everyones participation.
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This post is now the Maps Post.
I will post Maps here for Identification & update them as we go.
Heres the kit list as well.
Escape Pod Kit List
Airfix 1/144 Saturn V Rocket - Confirmed
AMT 1/25 Chevy Titan -
AMT 1/25 Freuhauf Tanker - Confirmed
AMT 1/43 Exterior Post Van - Confirmed
Aurora 1/40 M8 Munitions Tractor - Confirmed
Aurora 1/96 US Navy Sealab III - Confirmed
Bandai 1/48 Jagdtiger
Bandai 1/48 Panther - Confirmed
Hasegawa 1/72 M43E8 Sherman - Confirmed
Heller 1/400 HMS hood - Confirmed
Heller 1/400 Zerstorer
Tamiya 1/700 Taiho - Confirmed
Tamiya 1/25 Centurian - Confirmed
Tamiya 1/35 3.7 cm flak gun
Tamiya 1/35 88 mm flak gun
Tamiya 1/35 Hanomag Half Track
Tamiya 1/35 Jackson (Vintage) - Confirmed
Tamiya 1/35 Matilda - Confirmed
Tamiya 1/35 Panzerkampfwagon III M/N - Confirmed
Tamiya 1/35 sdkfz 222 Command Car
Tamiya 1/35 sdkfz 223 Command Car
Tamiya 1/35 sdkfz 232 8 Rad - Confirmed

*EDIT - Karr1981 - Need help finding these kits? check here, The Post Man is on the case!*


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Sounds like you know this model JD

As well as I can from here! :lol:

I'll post the kit list I started from information I accumulated from the other sites.

Same here. Here's my list of confirmed donors:

Airfix 1/144 Saturn V rocket – engine bells and engine plate detail

Aurora 1/93 US Navy Sealab III – domes on equator, frames and piping on engine

Tamiya 1/35 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen (8 Rad) Sdkfz232 – engine details

Tamiya 1/35 US M36 Jackson tank destroyer – engine details, bogies in Sealab domes

Tamiya 1/35 88mmGunFlak36/37 – details on forward hatch/dome

AMT 1/25 Freuhauf Texaco Tanker – forward hatch/dome, side details, hatches in Sealab domes

AMT 1/43 Exterior Post Van – engine detail (#15, x4)

Aurora 1/40 M8 high speed tractor – triangular frames on engine

Tamiya 1/35 Panzer Kampfwagen III Ausf.M/N – treads=equatorial grille detail

Heller HMS Hood – searchlights=detail on side of engine bells

Bandai 1/48 Jagdtiger – rectangular hatch in main hatch

Bandai 1/48 Panther-G – side details

Tamiya 1/25 Centurion – side details

Hasegawa 1/72 Sherman M4A3E8 – 'A' frame on Sealab frame (x4)

I also have a short list of possible donors that I haven't been able to get a hold of as yet (not that I have everything above, either!).

They managed to stick a lot on this baby in only five days! ;)
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JD nice work. I have most of these kits. The maps Ive started will make things alot clearer & easier to nail this baby. Im just hanging to finish work & get back to this. Ive excited another modeler also thats just id'd a few parts so will update the maps & post them this afternoon.


Ok Ive edited post #4 & attached some maps I started. The first one is the engine sections.
I will have some for the body tomorrow as I have a few parts crossed off with JD & Mensaboy's help which I will incorporate into a color & numbered map as above(I like both styles).
Have to go back to my dimensions as Ive noticed Im out...

Captain Sci-Fi

The Post Man will be working over time on this lot.... :shock:

And for the first time ever.... I have more than 50% of these kits in stock :lol:

I have a feeling that you guys will be painting before I actually start any assembly but I know you will have ironed out all the kinks by then too. :brows:


JD I found those parts when I went through my kits thansk mate. Huge help from you & am very gretful. I'll start an X Wing thread for you guys but lets stay on track with completing the Id's for this one.
I redid the map after I posted this one so will have to repost the new one.
Theres also a new piece I noticed that sits around the centre Saturn V part.
It looks like a tank turret ring?
It creates an edge around the saturn V cross piece that the 8 Rad parts butt right up to.
I had the parts from 9 but couldn't remeber which kit I got it out of!
Thanks again JD & all.
Update tonight with side walls.


The Matilda was one of the easy parts as had pulled out for the Devestator the other day. JD correct on the Airfix Scharnhorst & Revell Bismark. I think the 2 pieces either side of the Bandai 1/48 Panther part are from the AMT Exterior Post Van. Theyre Chromed pieces. If you have that kit have a look at them & give me your opinion. I saw them when I got the A Frames out last night for the engine section. Im pretty sure the ladder type thing which I believe to be a landing leg are from the Heller 1/400 La Seine. Will check the kit when I get home. Their the parts that look like the parts on the Bridge of the Devestator in the kit but aren't. Makes sense that they could be used & haven't seen anything similar.


Yeah the 1/43.
Theres 2 parts either side like the one with the arrow.
Had to use your picture as Im not at home....
The map will be posted this evening with what I have.


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