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Studio Scale Mobile Help Line ?

Big Rab

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Please feel free to join in with any information that will help us.
This part will be edited for the future

Studio scale S.H.A.D.O. Mobile information

The Studio Scale model is about 13th scale, we think!

20 ¼ inches long, (tip to tail)
8 inches wide at the top (if it did not curve in)
9 inches wide in the middle of the body (widest point)
The tracks stick out another ¼ inch either side so a total of 9 1/2 inches
The height is probably 6 inches at the most maybe slightly less (at what point?)

Chassis is 4 inch across
Chassis is? Inch long, it all depends on what you think looks right, read below for wheel base measurments.
Chassis is? Inch high at rear and? Inch high at front (Drive Wheels)
Rear wheel centre is about 13/16ths of an Inch higher than main road wheels.
Spacing between each wheel centre is about 2 ¾ Inches between the front 4 wheels and about 3 1/8th inches between the rear 2 wheels IF THEY WERE ALL IN LINE

FRONT Wheels Are raised very slightly or NOT at all, YOUR choice!
Wheel base is 14 3/16thinches from the centre of the rear wheel measured to the centre of the front wheel in a straight line.
MY MOBILE is 14.5 inches in a straight line so that the track shoe number fits not too tight or slack. . . . i think its best just to lay it out and see what looks right, but remember, a bigger gap for the rear wheel
There are 53 track shoes in each track.

Please see Mark42's web site

Other info.
Shado Mobile number plate (224579) from the Airfix B-29 bomber

The fonts used for SHADO are "Eurostyle Bold Extended". I have this font, if jbot cant make it yet, perhaps someone can get it done????
As far as i can work out, the main "SHADO" letters are in 36pt and the actual mobile numbers are in 80pt (I think)

The crest decal on the rear is from the Kaman Huskie kit
The correct body colour is NOT "Ford Arctic Blue" its JUST WHAT you think it should be. . . . Its up to you.
The round things above the rear axles are gun turrets from the Airfix B-29 kit.
Gemini retrograde section cross brace piece at the top
Parts to deflect tracks from body work at the rear are made from Tiger Joe shells (I have a few resin copies of these)
I am sure that the interior of the cab lower section is from the Johnny Express truck, which makes you think that the drivers should be from the same. However i am sure that the Tiger Joe and Seaquest figures will work just as well!

Who has spare parts or can supply parts/sections/

JBOT will be supplying decals in the future for various scales of Mobile - - - - update to follow i hope.

Paul Gray, for the Faller window part sets (vents in the body), front suspension, cab roof and all rear detail parts, in fact most of the detail parts required.

I was short of the rear ribbed wheels, so i recast (in two sections) a front sprocket wheel and just sanded off the sprockets. . BINGO!
Any more ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

All this information is collected from the talent on this forum, Shado Driver, Mark42, Dx, Barrington Bond, Dave, JD, Areteesee, JBot, Paul Gray
and so on.
:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Please feel free to post information or contact me and I will edit this post with the correct details as we go along, as well as “bumping it up”

This is done with the intentions of helping as many people as possible with NO financial gain or intentional © infringement to anyone.

Many thanks in advance to all who contribute in helping us all with this project.
Big Rab.
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A great idea...I too have a studio scale (allegedly) kit to build, and a Tiger Joe for the chassis. Maybe this will inspire me to dig it all out again.

Don't forget the crest decal on the rear is from the Kaman Huskie kit.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Nice idea.
I always raise the front wheel very slightly. Problem with the Mobile is that all the wheels are individually sprung and the model might be leaning to one side in any photo so exactly judging wheel positions is difficult.
We replica makers tend to pair off our wheels and mount them on straight axles that go through slots/holes in the chassis, original studio models all appear to have each wheel on its own trailing arm - which is a just bent metal rod - causing the spacing to appear less uniform.

Big Rab

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BUMP. . . . BUMP . . . . BUMP

Anymore information or help? :idea:
please feel free to join in, "every little helps" :thumbup:


You'll often see the font named 'Eurostile' on the actual sheets. Something to note when searching ebay.
I make the lettering out to be around 10mm high, and the numbers 25mm. I've seen Eurostile in 9.4mm and 24.6mm on ebay, and as I said on the longer thread, I think these correspond to certain 'point' sizes in printing jargon. I've no confirmation that these sizes are correct, as yet.


I ended up cutting the letters and numbers from self adhesive labels which were 'best guess', because I couldn't find the right Letrasets.

However, I have now found the right ones (for the numbers) and was absolutely shocked to find that my 'best guess' was spot on for the correct font.

I agree with Mark42, the front wheels are slightly higher, but because of the individual suspension the model tends to lean, or lie flat (making it appear that the wheels are at the same level).

My cut out efforts:

The Letraset version overlayed:

Big Rab

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Does anybody know the "aprox" scale of the "studio" Mobile (David ?Chris?) :think:

I think i saw it at about 1/12th ? ? ? is that right? :think: :think: :think:
Its just for the size of the driver / passenger, so we know what to look out for / use.
What about the front suspension? any ideas on the kit parts? Any photos :pics: , drawings or do we just make it up :juggle:
as we go along? any ideas :whip:

Does anybody heve any spare parts (will never be used, no matter how many years we keep them) that would help others :pray:
BY the way. . . . . . this was just ment to be a bump to get it noticed again for more help and information :whistle:

Here is another thought, perhaps someone could start another "easy" reference thread on say the studio scale, Joe 90 truck, UFO moon tank, Interceptor, 1999 laser tanks' 1,2 and 3. The Hawk, Swift and so on and on.

paul gray

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check out the lunar rocket launcher thread ,bags of good info there. have nearly finished my model and then its all systems go on my mobile and i will see if i can help with this thread
cheers Paul


Yes, I am still keen on supplying the decals for these vehicles in a variety of scales. I just need to sit down and figure out a reference point from which to start taking measurements for all the markings.

In other words, I have the art, but how big do I print it for each scale?


Big Rab

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How are we doing on the Scale of the studio mobile?

Any help?

1/12th ??????

PE mobile

1/48 ???????



Ouch! Hey, quit it!!
Scale is a bit conjectural on the Mobile, isn't it?
I personally think 1/12th is too big a scale. Meddings book states that C21 had been working in 1/12th for road vehicles since Scarlet, and if you check out the pics of him and Ken holt on the Long Sleep setup the farmhouse doors are around 6" high, so look to be in 1/12th. But the Mobile looks too small for what it is. Possibly why it doesn't actually show up in the cut of the episode.
1/18th would make a real Mobile around 30' long, which seems a bit on the massive side to me. Maybe 1/16th?
Mark42 says his Seaquest figures look pretty good. What scale are they?

Big Rab

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Thanks JD,
i have it that the seaquest figures are just short of 5" i hope this helps with the math.
I will let you work it out as i am a bit of a :dunce: when it gets to things like that, in fact, i run out of things to count after i get to 21 :oops:

i never heard that before but lucky i have the two Tiger Joes' in my posetion but one of them has a broken arm though. . . is there a cricket in the house. . . . .errr i mean, nurse in the house :rofl:

Big Rab

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Thanks Barry, that is a good little program.

So then, if the Seaquest figure is 5" and a "normal size" person is between 68 - 70 inches tall, then that makes the sacale to be between 1/13.6 and 1/14th

to go with the 1/14,
then the mobile length would be (at 20 1/4 inch) 23.6 feet


The width would be (at 9 1/2 inches) 11.08 feet

how does all that sound :*:


My driver is from the "Johnny Express" lorry - which I believe is the same as the Tiger Joe ones.

I think he's spot on and does appear to be the same as the driver you see in the shot of the Mobiles being unloaded from the transporter (the guy with his hand up).