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Studio Scale Mobile Help Line ?


Dave said:
My driver is from the "Johnny Express" lorry - which I believe is the same as the Tiger Joe ones.

I think he's spot on and does appear to be the same as the driver you see in the shot of the Mobiles being unloaded from the transporter (the guy with his hand up).
yep Dave i agree he looks very much the correct scale,oh by the way how did you get on with your explosives truck from joe 90?

Big Rab

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Hello again Hello

This is just to add to areteecee's post.

Still looking for confirmation on the following points from you guys especially the ones that have already built one of these things, come on don’t be shy!

So then,
Chassis is ??????? Inch long
Chassis is ?????? Inch high at rear and ?????? Inch high at front (Drive Wheels)
Rear wheel centre is about 13/16ths of an Inch higher than main road wheels??????
Spacing between each wheel centre is about 2 ¾ Inches between the front 4 wheels and about 3 1/8th inches between the rear 2 wheels IF THEY WERE ALL IN LINE ??????

FRONT (suspension) detail parts PLEASE HELP

The correct body colour is "Ford Arctic Blue" is that a metallic finish paint????????

Drivers??? Seaquest figures??? Johnny Express??? Tiger Joe???

What about the scale?
Do we go for 1/13th or 1/14th ???????

What size is the PE Mobile or what scale is it ??????

Can anybody help with basic plans for the sizes or perhaps can suppy parts? wheels, faller windows, wheels and so on???


HI Rab are those wheels diferent to those ones you got?Got the cabin done yesterday ,just needing to pop the windows on and also ive made a start on making a mold for the hull :)

Big Rab

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Just wondering, after watching an episode of UFO,

What colour are the Wheels and tracks on the mobile?

Are they the same as the body??

Are they just green and black, straight off the Tiger Joe tank???

Do i need a new colour TV ???? :?


I agree with Chris , everything I heard was that the wheels are the same as the body colour and dirtied up.


There's an auction on ebay (Item number: 250118100463) for just the driver from a Johnny Express truck. The description reads in part: "If he could stand up he would be about 6 inches tall."
So, again, corroboration for 1/12th scale!

paul gray

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just a couple of bits to add here,while checking out a link Fun Pod sent me with close ups of the mobile i noticed in one picture one of the drivers had a hard hat on( i assume this is the johnny express driver) i thought this would have been resculpted to look like hair. also on the shado control i noticed one of the large bits at the front comes from the tamiya 1/21 long tom (front left as you look ) also front right at bottom. also on the left side is an honest john part( the same as on front of mobile). will post pics of my build once basic shape is sorted.
cheers Paul

paul gray

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thought i better double check when you said that Dx.i have enclosed the parts i mentioned including the honest john part and also 2 other important parts from the same tamiya kit. was the upc the original kit and the tamiya one a recent re-release of the same kit?
cheers Paul


The UPC kit is 1/40th scale. If the parts you have scale correctly then it must be the Tamiya kit. I confess it's not a subject I've researched that heavily but I know the UPC kits feature a lot. It may well be the case that these kits were used because two scales of the same kit existed in which case that's a good bit of kit hunting on your part. Mark42 might be able to jump in with some further info.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Yes Tamiya Long Tom 1/21 scale - I think Barrington Bond has already spotted and mentioned all this in the previous Shado Mobile thread.....although that thread went on for about a dozen pages so you might have lost sight of it in there.


Here's mine how it sits today. Haven't touched it in ages. I was all gung ho about building it but then I got bored with it and my other hobbies took me away. The upper hull is made from resin made by a guy named Darrin in Canada thats all I know about it. It was already silver painted when I got it. The lower hull was built be me in a rush out of wood. I couldn't wait to get the tracks and wheels on. I sprung the axles with R/C truck springs.
I scoured Ebay and bought all the original model kits for detail parts and have them tucked away for the future.
There's a depression in the hull roof and I haven't figured out a way to fix it yet. Dip it in hot water and push it out maybe?

Temporarily serving as Tiger tank transporter!



Nice PZ IV J there. The thing about the Mobile is that it looks cool even in its unfinished state.

Big Rab

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Please feel free to join in with any information that will help us.
This part will be edited for the future

Studio scale S.H.A.D.O. Mobile information

The Studio Scale model is about 13th scale, we think!

20 ¼ inches long, (tip to tail)
8 inches wide at the top (if it did not curve in)
9 inches wide in the middle of the body (widest point)
The tracks stick out another ¼ inch either side so a total of 9 1/2 inches
The height is probably 6 inches at the most maybe slightly less (at what point?)

Chassis is 4 inch across
Chassis is? Inch long, it all depends on what you think looks right, read below for wheel base measurments.
Chassis is? Inch high at rear and? Inch high at front (Drive Wheels)
Rear wheel centre is about 13/16ths of an Inch higher than main road wheels.
Spacing between each wheel centre is about 2 ¾ Inches between the front 4 wheels and about 3 1/8th inches between the rear 2 wheels IF THEY WERE ALL IN LINE

FRONT Wheels Are raised very slightly or NOT at all, YOUR choice!
Wheel base is 14 3/16thinches from the centre of the rear wheel measured to the centre of the front wheel in a straight line.
MY MOBILE is 14.5 inches in a straight line so that the track shoe number fits not too tight or slack. . . . i think its best just to lay it out and see what looks right, but remember, a bigger gap for the rear wheel
There are 53 track shoes in each track.

Please see Mark42's web site

Other info.
Shado Mobile number plate (224579) from the Airfix B-29 bomber
The fonts used for SHADO are "Eurostyle Bold Extended". I have this font, if jbot cant make it yet, perhaps someone can get it done????
The crest decal on the rear is from the Kaman Huskie kit
The correct body colour is NOT "Ford Arctic Blue" its JUST WHAT you think it should be. . . . Its up to you.
The round things above the rear axles are gun turrets from the Airfix B-29 kit.
Gemini retrograde section cross brace piece at the top
I am sure that the interior of the cab lower section is from the Johnny Express truck, which makes you think that the drivers should be from the same. However i am sure that the Tiger Joe and Seaquest figures will work just as well!

Who has spare parts or can supply parts/sections/

JBOT will be supplying decals in the future for various scales of Mobile - - - - update to follow i hope.

Paul Gray, for the Faller window part sets (vents in the body), front suspension, cab roof and all rear detail parts, in fact most of the detail parts required.

I was short of the rear ribbed wheels, so i recast (in two sections) a front sprocket wheel and just sanded off the sprockets. . BINGO!
Any more ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

All this information is collected from the talent on this forum, Shado Driver, Mark42, Dx, Barrington Bond, Dave, JD, Areteesee, JBot, Paul Gray
and so on.
:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Please feel free to post information or contact me and I will edit this post with the correct details as we go along, as well as “bumping it up”

This is done with the intentions of helping as many people as possible with NO financial gain or intentional © infringement to anyone.

Many thanks in advance to all who contribute in helping us all with this project.
Big Rab.

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Yep, Loon 1 signing in! Ive a set of Torsion bars and KT arms on order and motors and gearboxes selected. Im just trying to round up the wheels and bits then I can get on it after i clear this ridiculously large DUKW off the bench. Hopefully wont take tooo long



Yeah, kinda slipped into silly scale of late.....all 1/6 and fullyRC.. Hopefully the experience ive gotten with these will help me with the SHADO Mobile. My only concern is that the chassis is soooo narrow and then the drive wheels are set so far out. With tracks unless the tension is juuuust right tracks hop off like mad. Im not worried about the suspension etc its just that narrow tail and getting the power out on those un supported axles

Anyway "juicy" pics as requested

Still gotta paint this one!

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Merged Post reference suspensions methods and materials

Ive just finished radioing my mobile chassis, its got inndy suspension on the 4 road wheels made with the most unlikely components, ill post pics soon.

Ok, for rocketman.

Do you know those bits of plastic you use to keep shelving up in closets? Add a bit of brass tubing, some long screws and wah hay! Ill take some pics of mine and post them asap. as for the means of suspension..... cut silicone tubing acting as dampers/springs.

These pics should give you an idea of how I did mine
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HA! Very ingenious , I like it. Its the simple ideas that work the best. I love walking around Hardware shops and buying up bits by the dozen that normal people only buy one of and getting funny looks for it.

How are you doing the drive set up?