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Studio Scale Mobile Plans


Many years ago I prepared some studio scale drawings for an outfit that was supposed to make the best accuracy 'studio' scale Mobile into a kit. This did not come to fruition. Bernie, myself & Mamas will eventually tackle this (I think). I think Bernie is working from these to make a set in actual cad file format, so perhaps machine work can be performed off them. About the same time as the Mobile plans I also ID'd all the kit parts & construction of the Utronics Dish for the Control Mobile, (with kit-spot help from Keith) & constructed a prototype. Plans & photos to follow later.

In the mean time, there is no reason for concealing these any longer & I am happy to share these with anyone who would like to have them. These are in PDF format and are on large canvas sizing 15" X 24" in many cases, as the drawings are actual size. You can take them to your local printing service if they have the machine big enough, & print them out. All views included. If you want them, you can P message me with your email. The total folder size is about 1.2 megabytes.

Here is a couple samples:

Just remember if they are reprinted or posted elsewhere you kindly give proper credit.:)


Captain Sci-Fi

Mobile me....

Hi John and Everyone,

I have to say that John's CAD files are amazing. He has it down pat I think. :D

The Mobile project is still a go ahead, I just need to clear the decks a little to give it the attention it deserves. It's never far away rest assured.



Thank you

Hi John
Received with thanks.
This will go a long way to re-building my first attempt (modified studio 2 mobile).
Once again thank you for making them available to all .:thumbup:
Frank (UFO)