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Studio Scale SHADO Mobile


See now..thats where I like to differ from canon, I've just added framing around my cab section windows so I can use vacu formed windows. In my case these would be replacable should they get damaged or marked in anyway.


I've never seen it identified as a found part. Seems like the sort of thing they'd just make.


Oshvision ! :D

Its more skill of the model maker if they can turn some ordinary stuff into somthing good, think about it, all that centry 21st had to start with was bits of paper, cardboard and glue!! :), as was said by alan perry, alan shubrook and mike trim in the BBC 4 documentary.


WOW, this thread was gathering a bit of dust, thought I'd blow it off a bit.
Has anyone got an unused set of Autogyro landing legs?
I really need to get back to my Mobile.
Thanks, Jeff
Iconic Replicas Studio Scale Prototype Model

I don't know anything about the Comet Miniatures version... but I am lucky enough to own the one produced back in 1997 by Iconic Replicas. It's a beauty too!