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Studio Scale Thunderbird 4

As you can see the Autolock has appeared on both sides of Thunderbird 4. I am now presuming that two sets were made of Thunderbird 4. From my research, the Airlock has appeared more times on the right side (ect: Desperate Intruder) rather than the left side (Day Of Disaster).

The studio is unlikely to have made two sets, although like other vehicle interiors, Thunderbird 4's cabin would have been upgraded for later episodes. The appearance of the Airlock on different sides is probably more likely to be due to the set only having one side section, and this would be swapped from side to side depending on the camera angle required.


The appearance of the Airlock on different sides is probably more likely to be due to the set only having one side section, and this would be swapped from side to side depending on the camera angle required.

Yep. It was probably a stand alone set piece that could be moved very easily.


Going by JD's TB4 plan, if that is the original studio plan, maybe those are the colours of paints that would have been used on the other vehicles...

Wasn't Mike after the correct red for the fire truck??? You never know!

They may have had that colour mixed up by Trimite and then just used it for whatever else they built afterwards.


The TB4 interior set got redressed and used in Captain Scarlet. There's a photos I have somewhere of some of the Scarlet puppets sitting in a craft with a grey interior that has a very obvious yellow tank attached to the outside. It's one of the 'behind the scenes' photos feature The Spectrum pop group as I recall.



Got going on the inserts for the side sections.

Shaped them all to fit properly. A few bubbles needed filling. I used milliput - brown but the paint will cover that over.

Then I sprayed them with a dark grey.

To give it a slight metallic look, I gave them the very light skim over with silver spray paint. The end result was still dark grey, but had a metallic hint to it.
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Here's a scan of the original blueprints, as they appeared in issue 6 of Century21 in 1991:

click thumbnail for large 2500x1750 image

The text regarding the colours reads:

Shaded bands: BSI.570 Traffic Red
Colour overall: BSI.309 Canary Yellow
Nos-lettering: Black

Thought it might help! :D
the colour used was ford daytona yellow
According to my Ault & Wiborg catalogue, that was only available from 1971.

As I have experienced before, these books can, have been and are wrong. The colour was supplyed by trimite in uxbridge. The colour may have been called something else in its ealier life but it is Daytona Yellow and you can buy it off the shelf. I had an old trimite colour swatch and both Derek Meddings and Mike Trim verifyied it so its up to you.


Well this catalogue lists colours back to the mid 1950's and the drawings state Canary Yellow. The catalogue also gives detailed lists of non standard corporate colours like the AA, the rail companies and even airline colours and in my my experience, pretty good. The only Canary Yellow listed is a B.Standard colour with the newer code of 42187 but the point is made that it's up to the reader to decide.


Then the control console and the back wall. First a matt grey undercoat. I had to find a lighter grey than expected. Being inside (on the finished model), it doesn't get much direct light, and seemed too dark.

Various screen grabs show the console and rear door to have a matt red/orange color. It took a lots of experimenting to get a shade I was happy with. I went for a shade that, when viewed from outside (as that is the only view the finsihed item will have) looked Ok.

To add some extra detail, we made some control levers with paper-clip wire and 'green stuff' on the ends. The cockpit needs as much detail as possible, as the outside is bland by comparison.
Have to go with DX on this one.I was in the Motor Spares business from 1973 and worked at a main Ford dealership before that, prepping new cars.Daytona Yellow was first used on the Mk3 Cortina around 1971.


... :clap: Great action in these adventures.
Wonderful models for a world of childhood dreams. ... Jorge. :mrgreen: