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Studio Scale UFO Space Junk Tracker/Destroyer

Studio scale UFO Space Junk Tracker/Destroyer.

The front end looks to be the front control portion of the Revell 1/24th Gemini and its heat shield. Between these two bits I think may be the 2nd stage of the Airfix(Monogram?) Saturn V but it seems to be conical at both ends. Detail bits and bobs may be from the Gemini and 1/48th Revell Lunar module perhaps. Oh yeah and that looks like the intake cone from the Airfix SRN1!

The bit between the middle and front girder bit looks as though it may have a 144th scale Lunar lander half stuck in there. - perhaps some other bits that make up the command module.

The middle section looks to be the Revell 1/24th Equipment stage with 4 Airfix Saturn V 1st stages inset into it though of course they could be ordinary plastic tubing.

The antennae assembly looks to be 2 pieces of the shroud assembly from the 1/48th Apollo stack. A couple of pieces in the middle look to be from the 1/21 Long Tom kit. The antennae on the other side looks to be the heatshield again from the Gemini.

At the rear I think I can spot two duplicate pieces from the landing portion of the Revell 1/48th Lunar Module - the top plate which has the top of the landing legs on. And then it gets rather hazy - seems to be a cone or tube section at the end. I have some enlarged screencaps of a side on view but it's all rather murky.
Lots of "Tillie the toiler" frames on this, (Part no 104, these are used underneath the Moonmobile as well!) and featue quite heavily on this around the radar assembly at leat 4 times!The worst thing is you never see shots of the back end of this model, so its difficult to judge the size of the thing really :evil: Just love those shots of Derek and Ken Holt in the model store, wonder if any more pictures were taken? And all those models, pitty it nearly all went in the skips :cry:
Yes I had mentioned the SRN1 bit but I currently don't have one to show a piccy of - the remnants of mine from my childhood amount to an underside and one of those side blower thingies!



I'm going down to the Museum today (where I store my hovercraft collection) so I'll see if I can get some pics of the sprues.

I have several unmade kits of the N1 and N4 down there...

Great stuff! Been meaning to go have a look at the place somewhen. Wasn't 3 of this piece used on that vertical take-off aircraft carrier from Thunderbirds as well?



I have the SRN1 piece in front of me, and it's definitely a match. Also fits size-wise, compared to a 2nd stage Saturn V part.

On the big close-ups, there looks to be a half-cylindrical part on the Saturn V piece, under Derek's right hand. There's a suggestion of ribbing on it. It may be the access tunnel from the Superfortress, but hard to be sure. Just from mocking it up, the ribs should look closer together.

The mockup of the main body looks promising, but you can see on the section cradled in Ken's right hand that there is a truncated cone that intrudes onto the Gemini part. Could be more 2nd stage pieces?

Not to throw a spanner in the works, but was the Airfix Saturn V available when UFO was in production? I think this is the first studio model I've seen it cited on. It's just that I would've expected it to be used much more, if it was used at all.

Barry, if the intake vent is the only SRN1 piece you need, I'd be happy to send you this one, rather than break up a complete kit. It's from a built, painted and cannibalised model.
Well this site,

says it was released in 1969 - anyone know when the Monogram one was released as that is very similar in parts breakdown. Also if you look at the "neck" between the main body and front you can just make out the back half of the LEM from the Airfix kit.

I'm not sure about the Saturn V first stages it does look like that a cone end of the 2nd stage is halfway recessed into the Gemini equipment stage.

Yep, you could be right about the Superfort bit. Doing some decorating so I haven't had much time for part spotting here or model making.

The offer is most welcome - please send a private message to me about details.


ps the Limpet mine it fires is mostly Saturn V, Superfort and Honest John bits...
Just found a tiny photo in colour on the front of S.I.G. no16 and I can see from it that the other tube sticking out of the side of the front section is also the SRN1 duct but mounted with the flaired end to the hull.


Yep, you could be right about the Superfort bit.

Bits from the Airfix Superfortress are all over SID so I think it's a safe bet.

BTW do you have the big colour profile shot from Sci Fi Monthly?
Nooo, I haven't! Quoting Grease "Tell me more, tell me more"...

I assume you mean the tracker not SID?!

Been meaning to start one on SID - been wondering if the docking collar for the interceptor is detailed on the inside with Superfort bomb parts. All those gunturret holders around his neck - Tillie and Honest John parts and what looks like a 88mm gun shield. Oh and base stands for the footbridge? I've noticed in "The Man Who Came Back" that one shot of SID has been flopped from left to right. Was trying to identify something and noticed it wasn't there but showing reversed left side detail!


scan please please please :dance:

Speaking of Superfort on the lifting body EVA hatch are lots of its undercarriage bits.
A gobsmackingly lovely almost but not quite side on profile has come my way. It shows the rear end and the truss work is hideously complex! Also it has made me have a rethink on certain areas and parts used. I am not now sure if any of the large tube portions are Airfix Saturn 5 parts (they might be useable though). However all the cones that blend into the 1/24th Gemini instrument stage are - 1/48th Revell Gemini instrument stages :!: I think the cone sections at the front are also this part.



That sounds like the same pic I was going to scan so there's not much point in me doing it. I agree that I don't think they are Saturn V parts. The ring section at the rear looks like a part from a Kibri/Faller industrial kit and I wouldn't be surprised if the "Sat V" parts come from something similar.
Not overly familiar with Kibri/Faller stuff so did a quick look at what is available on Ebay. The end ring certainly does look like the same kind of patterning on their oil/gas storage stuff - did they do any large flat oil containers?

When I have time I'll post some piccys.