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Supercar Garage kit


Forum Supporter
I want to sell this rare large Supercar kit on ebay except not sure who made it, or when it was released & I don't have the instructions
Can anyone scan them for me & I can offer something for this service

I know it did originate from Comet miniatures

Thank you



  • Supercar (1).jpg
    Supercar (1).jpg
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  • Supercar (2).jpg
    Supercar (2).jpg
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  • Supercar (3).jpg
    Supercar (3).jpg
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    Supercar (4).jpg
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    Supercar (5).jpg
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    supercar (6).jpg
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if it gives you an idea on price I sold mine about 3 years ago
fully boxed & complete for £250, so should be worth a bit more by now


regret having to sell mine, but needed the money (as usuall)
Ive still got the 3ft fireball xl5 kit that ENA made though