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Here's another of my 'lockdown' projects....
Back in 1998 Austin Tate and I collaborated on a CG model of Supercar - see Austins Site. This was a very successful model and made freely available in many formats; almost any search for Supercar will bring up an image of the model.
However as a model it was pretty crude and involved the wholesale use of Boolean operations resulting in VERY messy geometry. I was also aware that while it followed Phil Rae's schematics quite closely, it was not an entirely accurate representation of the puppet sized prop (Phils plans were an amalgam of the various shooting props used in the show).
So, with time on my hands I decided to have another go at it; Phils plans provided a starting point but I've been through countless iterations of the hull shape with reference to screen grabs and finally arrived at something I'm reasonably happy with.
Here are some images of the model as it is now; no cockpit interior yet, the dashboard will probably come in two versions, a prop realistic one and one that is more representative of the human scale rig used in the cutaway shots. The textures on the model are not the final versions and I know the Supercar font isn't correct
Austins Blog has more details and images.
As usual I'd appreciate any comments.




Excellent work. I always love supercar as it was the first Anderson series I watched way back in the early sixties. One day I'd like to attempt a model of it but at the moment I'm moving house and have no idea when I'll be able to start work on it.


I've started on the cockpit instruments...
This is an amalgam of the various human size instrument panels seen in the show - see the mash-up I did of screen grabs.
The gauges and switch gear are scaled down to fit the puppet sized Supercar prop; the control yoke mounts are left full size, as they appear in the prop (they're porcelain stand-off insulators).
Still have to decide on the final arrangement; the panel arrangement doesn't really conform to any flight instrument standards and there are one or two essential instruments missing. I think I'll try to stay as true to the show as possible, what do you think...?



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I am a fan of staying with the puppet scale studio model as far as you can, augmented by the (often inconsistent) human hand scale panel. Looking great Mick. Interlock on... Fire Both!


Here's a small update to the dashboard model and probably quite close to the final version