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Taybor's Emporium


Nice little kit to work on - but the paint job!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cry:
The flames etc are moulded on but only very lightly so you can' t actually see them once the primer is on.
So, had to wing it - and they all had to look the same :sweat:
Not too pleased how it turned so its at the back of the cabinet :boohoo:



I've got one of those waiting to be started...what brand and colours did you end up using ?



All colours are Games Workshop.
From the top:
Skull White,
Sunburst Yellow whitened down a bit,
Sunburst Yellow/Fiery Orange mix,
Fiery Orange,
Sunburst Yellow with a bit of orange mixed in,
Blood Red
Panels are black with a made-up grey as GW don't do much of a range in that colour.

Watch out for the legs when building - very easy to not get it to stand up straight...