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TB1 Control Chair

On the puppet size chair does anyone know if the back pattern was chizzeld or did they use cloth i used cloth on this one its my prototype



I believe it's quilted vinyl on the original. It was popular for a while as an interior trim material for cars.

Mike Delamar

Ive often wondered what it was they used, the interior of Stingray is full of the stuff, I thought it looked like mesh that had had a mould poured on it.

really nice chair build there btw:thumbup::clap::clap:

btw I think the 2 chrome pieces on the front are grills from a revell custom car parts pack?
the white dial on the rear is a egg timer?
always wondered what the long chrome switch on the side with the red handle was from?

thanks for the info i want to do a real nice job on it i plan on doing a few chairs from tbirds and stingray also the hover chairs


The long switch with the red handle looks actually like a long levered toggle switch.

I remember seeing some similar a while ago with black handles.


Could the long toggle switch be the same as those used in stingray ? If so , could they be from that childrens car dashboard that they used ?

Mike Delamar

definatley the same toggle switch from Stingray, although not sure that it is from the toy dashboard

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