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TB1 Mobile Control Unit


Hi all,
Hope everyone is keeping well and using their lockdown time constructively.
This is one of the many projects I've been working on....the Thunderbird 1 Mobile Control Unit.
I made this all in Cinema4D (V20). I started with a screen grab from Vault of Death (VoD_ScreenGrab.jpg) and used the camera calibrator in C4D to set up a camera to allow matching of the geometry; Blocking.jpg shows my first rough blocking in. There was then a lengthy process of refining the geometry, with lots of reference to my Revell Custom Car Parts, until the final state was achieved.

I have included an image of the final wireframe superimposed on the original screen grab (EndMatch.jpg).

There are small areas of mismatch between model and image;
1. The whole of the overhead section could have been .25 or .5 inch deeper but would then have protruded beyond the back of the main desk. I could find no screen image to comfirm or refute an overhang and I thought it unlikely the it would have been designed that way.
2. The swivel desk was impossible to match exactly, I think because it is rotated on more than one axis (the near end tips down a little bit)
3. I ended up with the main desk measuring 31 inches long; I suspect that this was actually 30 inches but couldn't work out where to remove the offending inch so just left it as is.

Overall though, I was really happy with how this turned out and would be grateful for your opinions.

As a postscript, I have been playing with a CAD package and have transcribed the basic geometry of the model into it to enable schematices to be produced; happy to post these if anyone is interested.

All the best, keep well,



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Assistant Commander
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Hi Mate,

Great work as always.

Sorry we haven't been in touch in ages, things have been hectic, could you pm me a contact number as we would love to have a catch up chat as lots to discuss :)