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TB1 Weathering

I have a non-weathered die-cast Thunderbird 1 model from Aoshima, which I would like to try to dirty down a little to better match the appearance of the rocket in the show. I do not have an airbrush. I would be mainly wanting to add the kind of graphite smudged panel weathering present on the original filming models, not looking for thick inked panel linkes or "streaky" (think dirty water) weathering present on other models, but not necessarily appropriate for TB1.
Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to approach this?
Thanks in advance for any responses
Thanks for the suggestion (and sorry for the delayed response, I unfortunately don't have that much free time to persue hobbies).
The most similar I could find locally (I live in Germany, our market seems to be a little different) was a sort of "make up" kit for weathering from Tamiya, with three different colours.

Anyway the result hasn't been perfect (also I'm not the most skilled at painting), but I'm overall happier with look of it now than before. I really was never satisfied by the "new" and subsequently "toy-ish" look it originally had. I always thought one of the important staples of the shows was the grimy realism of the models?

I added a "before and afterwards" from nearly the same angle, maybe you see what I mean that it looks bad to start off with?



Yup the after looks better than the before. With weathering sometimes its a cas eof "less is more" where you need to be subtle and restrained with it. Personally I find most TB2 models have too much weathering, with big streaks delineating panels lines and so on. Its a personal preference...

Edit: there will be a german modelling site that sells the exact same stuff as I mentioned - its internationally produced.
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