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Team America - the making of

Mike Delamar

This movie is what got me back interested in Thunderbirds when it came out, on the DVD there is some really great behind the scenes stuff.
when I watched all the behind the scenes stuff they did, I wanted to see how Thunderbirds was done too.

some good stuff on here, how they worked with the puppets and sets.

really funny too, also a fan of South park aswel so this movie had everything for me :)

this is only a bit of what you see on the dvd behind the scenes



Captain Sci-Fi

Rumour has it that the South Park production team loved Thunderbirds so much and were so upset about the Movie they decided to make Team America in this style to show what could be done.

I so wish they would make a Thunderbirds movie anyway, you can certainly see how good it would be.


With that kind of quality it would certainly work - as long as it had a GOOD story and they didn't make it a pee-take.
Too bad the video was removed along with the account...
Team America is an awesome movie, I guess I won't stop being a fan of it.


I was lucky enough to visit the set thanks to my friend Joe Viskocil. The whole film was shot in a warehouse of about 3000 square feet.
That filming space is many times bigger than the one they had in the Gerry Anderson studios!.Typical of the Americans,make it good or make it bad they make it BIG,overall.