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That's no moon. It's a space station


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Well not quite a space station, but a dedicated area for the increasing number of Star wars discussions and build threads.

We have some amazing models being built by members (and yes I'm jealous of anyone with a Star Destroyer) so we felt it only right we give you guys a specific place to share and discuss your builds and information.

We will be moving relevant threads to here over the coming days, please feel free to message a mod if you see a thread you feel should be moved here.



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Well Force Awakens raised the bar in my opinion, I loved the visual effects. I dream about X-Wings flying over lakes now, what a wonderful shot that was. All the broken machinery and general carnage left after the last uprising against the Empire was just brilliant. The cast were amazing, absorbing and engaging, Daisy portrayed Rey beautifully during the last light sabre fight I felt the back of the neck hair raising adrenaline rush I had felt in 1977.

Then along came Rogue One I watched it in the cinema the day after it's release in the UK and again last evening on Bluray. It surprised me in it's quality of story and effects. I didn't like the computer generated effects of Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing, they just didn't look quite right suspended the mojo flow for me. My lingering memories should have been the amazing battle scenes at the shield gate but I had trouble getting past those animated character scenes.

Glad to have both these movies in the collection, looking forward to The Last Jedi and following Res next adventure. :D