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The Altares Resin Kit


Has anybody built the Altares from Chris Larson yet?

Here are the first pics of my Larson Altares. The kit is of course not in the league of the smallart castings. Therefore -> more work and forcing myself to accept some inaccuracies.

Layout of parts

I started with cleaning all the parts, washing them and spraying them with FDW and after masking with a blue metalic. The kit was missing the nozzles of the CM, so I built them with some jewellery drop pearls. You will see this in the next part of my Altares build up info.

First subassemblies, prepared to be detailed. The blue looks a bit too bright, but this will change when all gets its final matt varnish coat.

Hope to show more soon.



I'd say if put together about 10.5 inches.

Ok, here we go again:

The two solar panels with their connections before assembly.

Directional Nozzles with match for size comparison

Scratch built antenna which originally was based on a gravitation tower from Moonbase Alpha.

More to follow soon.

This is how my Altares finally turned out. Of course it is not 100% accurate, but for a model of this size good enough.




3/4 front view

Display (actually for 1/18 scale cars)

Lightship Altares on its way to nowhere...

Just proves mine is missing quite a few parts. Noticed of course far too late!
The antenna, of course, was never included in the kit and my kit also came without the bells for the CM...


This should help you out there.:thumbup:

1 Command Module
2x Small side life & right Engine thrusters
6x Small Command Module Engine Nozzle’s
1 Main Body
2x Solar Panels
6x Fuel/ Water storage tanks
6x Large Fuel/Water access rails
6x Small Fuel/Water access rails
1 Small central Body Reducer
1 Small central Body Mount
4x Photon Accelerators
1 Forward Photon Engine enlarger/adapter
1 Forward Photon Engine
1 Rear Photon Engine
4x Chemical Reaction Motors
4x Chemical Reaction Nozzles


Work in progress on my two kits:
temporarlly held together just for perspective.

The duey one is a breeze, the nut brittle one has been a b*tch, so I will label it as the one that went through the black hole (hence it's distortions!) .

Still lots of painting/detailing/weathering to apply

Where can I get thin red, black and orange decal stripes?

I use clear decal sheet, then paint on to it with the required colour. Then just trim the required width of strip using a sharp blade and there you go.



What a bloody good idea, Doug - this is going to turn my entire approach to painting all those tricky bits around !