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The Anderson Fonts Thread


I know Terrahawks isn't the most beloved of Gerry Anderson's series but it's a personal favorite, right after Space:1999, and yes, ahead of Thunderbirds. (Don't stone me just yetXD). Still i was wondering if anyone knows what font was used in the credits. In the DVD extras there's a featurette about the making of the opening and closing credits and a couple of other stuff Kevin Davies was in charge of making in the show. He identifies the font as SPECTRUM. But not only is that a bit unspecific, all the fonts i've found with that name don't match. Please, HELP ME! :D

Many years ago I had a Letraset catalogue and the Spectrum font used in Terrahawks was in it. That would be good place to start :)

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Very useful information Rob.
Chartpak dry transfers were also available around that time - but they didn't have as large a range as Letraset.

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Thanks Rob - I am sure your skills will come in very useful! Wow just realised that when I first created this thread EIGHT years ago had no idea it would still be alive and well and had over 25,000 views!!!! Nothing I have ever written has that many views - closest I got to publication was being mentioned in an issue of SF&FM in 2005 lol.


Anyone know what the font is for the flat top number 3 on Stingray please?
'Harlow solid' is similar, but not quite right.
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