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The Bringers of Wonder


Chief Eagle Pilot
This story is my favourite from year 2 but whilst I was watching it last night a few things really bugged me.
1, When the Superswift approachs Alpha at a FASTER than light speed they watch it on the big screen!!! How can you see something travelling THAT fast. (If visible at all it would appear to be moving away from the viewer)
2, When Keonig crashlands Tony tells Alan that he better take some Nuclear Physicists with him - and they just happen to be the ONLY two new people standing in the room behind him!
3, After Keonig crashs he manages to put on his helmet but he's not wearing the chest & back packs - these only appear after the credits!
4, Why do the rescue workers have to spray fire extinguishers at the flames inside the Eagle when the doors are open and theres no AIR in it!
5, When Maya fights the medical orderly in the corridor where does Tony's unconsious body disappear too?
6, why ... ahh forget it, I'll just have another Vodka and ignore the errors, its still good.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Yes, when you consider how much effort went into the model, its size and detail, then the couple of brief shots it appears in is a terrible waste.


Commander Ret.
I watched it again last night and I couldn't take my eyes off the actors arms 'puffing-out' the alien costumes... :roll:

The worst bit was near the end when, just before they vanished, the lead alien gave a 'shrug'. :lol: