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The Catacombs is down again?


Yeah i notice that too, its not just the catacombs but space 1999 net is down also. Maybe they are doing maint, i hope they did not loose their server.If anyone knows i like to know as well.


A move to a more stable server is planned. Still waiting for confirmation myself from the hosting. It will be back.


Yeah, I've discovered that the whole ring is down. Catacombs, Mondstation, all of it. Figures... the only thing I ever go online for, and it's gone. (OK, not the only thing, but still a major one.) Strangely, when I first lost home access to it, my local public linrary computers could still access it, but now even those are unable to.

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Guys,

Martin is in the process of moving the Catacombs to a new modern server service, they are just taking their sweet time he tells me.

Normal service will be resumed shortly :thumbup:


And it seems to be gone again. The whole ring. Catacombs, Metaforms, Baldax's eagle stuff, Mondstation, etc.

Grr... :rant: