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The Dinky SPV I always wanted


Today on my day off (actually got a real one) I did something I've always wanted to do... make the Dinky SPV chassis the way Dinky should have (but it was already expensive enough as it was so I do understand) Apart from not quite getting the front and bumper area exactly right the big problem (if it really had one was that the SPV only had one set of wheels each side rather than the double set of the real things.

The simple fix is to cut away the spacers (see pict 4) and taking a second set of bashed and mis-matched wheels drill a hole through each of the inner wheels so that they slide freely onto the axle rather than snaring on the end as they were made to. New axles need to be made and I found the perfect source from the spokes of an old bicycle rim. 4mm needs to be added to the length to account for the inner wheels (wider than the spacers were) and these then measure about 5.4 mm. Then its a simple matter of putting one of the outer wheels on and an inner one, then threading the axle through the body and adding the same wheels on the other side. A touch of super glue can be used to keep the outer wheels in place if needed and its done.

This SPV was going to be used for spare parts yesterday, but it was the first I ever got (only this year) as a thanks for doing a batmobile for someone... so sentimentality got in the way and I did this instead..... and I just love it. The difference in the look and the weight is amazing... very cool. One day I shall re-do the paint work and I'll definitely be getting some more of those decals from JBOT. A much better way to go than the aftermarket replacement ones available. So...


The new wheel configuration

The Chassis now showing the double wheels butting up against the body

And for those who aren't familiar with it, another chassis showing what the normal configuration is. One set of wheels butts up to the spacers



You would abbreviate Tonys' name that way now, just when I'm working my way through 'The Secret Service'! :lol:


Ahh...memories, I loved my dinky spv as a kid, dunno what happened to it tho. Must have been binned along with my patrol car.. darn shame that.

It's great to see they're still around and getting TLC to this day.



Likewise, loved my Dinky SPV - had that way before I'd ever even seen Captain Scarlet.

Vividly remember my older brother having the Century 21 SPV as well, which he gleefully smashed with a rock when he'd got bored with it...

...if only he knew how much they'd be worth now...


At my old primary school was a huge mound of earth about four feet high pounded into a smooth hill by many thousand tiny feet over the years. Devoid of grass, this dry muddy hill was brilliant for running Dinky cars down in a realistic Anderson sort of fashion and my SPV was no exception. However, the clear winner for off roading on this particular piece of ground was definitely Professor McClaine's car. Nothing would flip or bother this baby. Ugly as sin but stable as a rock.


It is incredible that any Dinkys or Corgis survived at all. The pounding we put these things through..... :eek:ld: They don't make em like that now days (Well they do actually, but only for adults) I'm sure I mentioned on the forum showing the TV Dinkys and Corgis I own and or have restored to my 8 year old's class .... they way especially the boys drooled over them... and greatly desired such missile firing vehicles like they can't get now days.

People say that Corgis were better made than the Dinkys, but I don't know. Love them both, and I think Dinky wins in the "robust" department. I was never allowed to get them as a kid, which is why I'm glad I can get them now and play my bit in making sure they're around for the future.

...yeah right... so he runs around drilling holes in perfectly good wheels :roll: