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The Eagle's Command Module

I don't know if this has ever been brought up before, since I am new to the ET forums, so here goes:

Has anyone ever envisioned what the "Space: 1999" Eagle's command module would look like if the "viewport" concavities were actually huge triangular windows along the contour of the nose instead of more limiting concavity concept as the originally shown? This would be a significant, though limited, re-imagination of the Eagle concept.

Here's what I was thinking of:

The internal cockpit arrangement would be similar, though the pilot's seats would probably be located further forward. The pilots would actually be seated within the view of the four nose-windows; the viewports would surround the pilots. The control panels and forward console would have to fit into this space without obstructing the view afforded by the surrounding nose-windows. The effect would be similar to the cockpit of the much-smaller SpaceShip One, and would allows its pilot greater visibility.

I have not made any drawing of what it would look like yet.

Any comments?


yep i have a number of different eagle nose cone cockpits with different windows and seating set ups inside for my pc game crysis modification

all my 3d models are in game via the editor and fully usable and enterable by the player , so you can go inside the cockpits sit down , look out the windows etc etc