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The Golden Compass


Firstly, I've not read the books. But I'm of the opinion that they should have stuck
with the original title of "Northern Lights". Just sounds much Cooler to me.

Secondly, I'll be reading the books now! Cuz aside from the title, I really rather enjoyed
this movie. Since it was left completely up in the air at the end. I must know what
happens next. And I can't wait for the next one to be released!! :bang:


I saw the movie last week and enjoyed it very much. It was a bit packed but I really liked the production design. Could not resist to buy the Corgi models of the Magisterium Carriage, the Magisterium Sky Ferry and Lee Scoresby's Airship. The models are nicely done and for once something else than my Gerry Anderson models.



Took the family to see it over the W/E loved it - I hope a sequel is made - I hated it leaving things up in the air. Cant beleive it ddint do well in the US but elseware its been doing good business. I guess the "atheist" conspiracy played some part? I saw no anti religion preaching in this movie. Cant beleive how "adult" lots of kids movies are now.


I thought the production design was very good and the cast were excellent but the movie rather dull. I thought Stardust was a better film.